Thursday, January 1, 2009

More of Christmas Day

When Seth and I were little, Mom made us bunny rabbits. And this year for Christmas she made one for each of our girls. They are adorable. She made clothes to go on them too. I am afraid that the girls are too young to appreciate the importance of a hand-made stuffed animal, so they are sitting on a shelf until I have the courage to let them do as they please with the bunnies.

As we get older, Seth and I enjoy getting eachother nostalgic gifts for Christmas. This year, he got all 10 episodes of Family Dog. lol. We watched that show for a brief time period as kids before it went off of the air.
We always used to sit in my bedroom at night and watch my teeny tiny tv that only picked up channel 9 (and that was only sometimes). We watched "Keeping up Appearances", "Red Green", and "Mr. Bean", to name a few. So this year he bought me a Red Green dvd.

It seems that the men enjoyed playing with the girls new toys as much as the girls did.

Olivia really began to get into this whole gift-opening thing and snuck under the tree when no one was looking. She had opened all of her gifts and found another one under the tree.The next thing we knew, she was in the floor opening a gift that didn't have her name on it. Turns out it was Uncle's and he didn't mind.

We also went down to Alex's Granny's house on Christmas day after Nana's. The girls love her swing set and they got some great gifts there too.

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Nanna Nette said...

Let my babies play with their bunnies!! :o)