Thursday, March 31, 2011

pig play and pedi's

I took the girls to see "If You Give a Pig a Pancake" at the Children's Theatre in Little Rock during Spring Break.

I made them pose outside the theater.
They loved the play and I had the best time listening to them giggle at the pig.
Olivia and Makayla have been snorting at each other daily since then.

And then it was time for pedicures.

Olivia was too short to reach the water and she was not too happy about this.
And as you can tell from the photo above, pedicures led to "Momma, can I get my nails painted too?"

I had the best time running around with my ladies while they were out of school.

They spent the first part of the week with Grammie Retta and Papaw Truman on the chicken farm and they had a great time. But we learned that Makayla had eaten an entire bottle of Children's Tums from her travel bag and her Grammie didn't know until the next day when the girls were on their way home. The bottle had about 34 pills left in it when she ate them. Alex called poison control and they said she would be fine.
But we did our best to scare her to death about doing that though. It could have been really bad if she had picked a more potent medication to eat.
The girls then got to spend Wednesday with my Granny Gloria at home and I know they had a great time with her too.

 I think that they had a pretty great Spring Break.

Friday, March 25, 2011

ain't life grand: part IV

SO worth a trip to newhope :)
That wasn't the only reason we went though. Promise.

Poppa was checkin' it out

She was in the middle of telling a story and had no idea that I was taking pictures.
I never want to forget that genuine face.

Livi giving Memaw some love

Remember the aggravation post? I think Seth inherited some of that too.
Poor Granny G

Now Abi wants to be a "massager" too

My Granny Gloria, me, and my Memaw
the sisters got tickled

Aren't they sweet?

Katelyn is so good with the girls.
They love her!

Brent playing doctor. His first patient was suffering from nervous laughter.

The night ended with an amazing moon.

And Sunday began with three gorgeous gals.

We had lunch at Gayle's and saw Tammy Davis's sweet family. They all looked so great and all 5 of her grandbabies were there. I know she's proud of them for keeping their heads up and being there for everyone else in the community that is suffering eventhough they are struggling with their own loss on a daily basis.

We had a great weekend.
Can't wait to do it again.

creepy crawlers and puppy love: part III

KayKay is pretty fond of this little guy.

I'm sure that you can tell from these photos that Makayla adores pets. Her Uncle Seth is like that as well. I hope some day maybe little Mr. Teddy can come back to stay with us so Makayla can spoil him. ;)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

grown ups can play too: newhope part II

Doesn't it look like everyone got in on the fun?

I'm sure I will be lectured for posting some of these pictures, but they were too good to pass up.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

family weekend: part I

a Nan and her Sugar Bear

goofballs in the kitchen

Olivia wants Rachel to go everywhere with her

propped up on the deck relaxing for a day or so
the uncle


having a great time

I have many more fun photos from our trip back home this weekend.
Come back for more!

the art of aggravation

My dad has it mastered. Need proof? Here ya go.

Aggravating Nana

Aggravating Abi
Later he gave her bunny ears in a photo

Aggravating Makayla before church.

I come from a long line of aggravaters.
And I must say, it is fun. ;)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

practice makes perfect

Letting Abi try to get the ball when Makayla missed it cause Makayla to get the lead out and try harder.

                                                 What an amazingly beautiful day we had!                                 
  Alex took the girls outside after work to work on some softball.
Makayla has been catching on so quickly! She seems to really be enjoying softball.
Andrew spotted us and came over. Olivia wanted to jump on the trampoline with him. All 3 of them seem to have a fascination with Andrew.
Olivia loves teasing Abi by singing "Abi and Andrew sittin' in a tree"..I think you know the rest of that rhyme.
Abi denies the relationship. :)

Andrew did his best to pick up the heavy baby to put her on the trampoline.

I began working at the clinic where I met our girls this week again. I work in mental health and work with preschool age children that have special needs. It has been a fast and tiring week to say the least. But I think we are getting in the swing of things. Olivia loves going to daycare there. She is able to stay at the clinic where I work and it has been comforting to know that I can go check on her.

               Spring is almost here! Signs of it are appearing more every day.

Have a great weekend and don't forget to pray for all those suffering and that have lost loved ones.