Friday, January 30, 2009

Cause I'm a big girl now

Olivia is forcing me to deal with the fact that she IS a big girl. She tries to do EVERYTHING that her big sissies do.

She has decided that she no longer needs her high chair. She is ready for the big table. She climbs in and out all on her own(she has gotten stuck by climbing in the chair while it is pushed up to the table, fun stuff).

Daddy helping Abi learn how to ride the bicycle (thank you Sidney).

Makayla preparing for a spin on the bike.

Olivia plotting how she will swipe the bike from her sisters.

A quick cuddle for daddy....

And she was victorious

Abi and KayKay playing with our neighbor, Andrew, whom Abi says she loves. (oh no)

I wanna go outside.

Abi coming in the house and giving Livi kisses through the door. Liv giggled.

This is the result of movie night at the Hill House. All three were sleeping beauties before the movie was over.

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