Monday, February 28, 2011


A new health issue has introduced itself to our family over the past couple of weeks.

 Olivia has started breaking out in hives.

I took her to the doctor about a week and half ago because she had the stomach virus (for the 3rd time) and had a rough sounding cough. The day before the dr appointment she started developing whelps on her neck. By the time we had the appointment the next day, she had them all over. The dr said it could be from the viruses but to call and she would refer us to an allergist if the hives didn't clear up. Olivia continued with the hives and we ended up at the allergy clinic last Friday. The dr there had to draw blood to test for allergies because Olivia's back was already broken out in hives by the time the dr saw her. The dr explained that if they did the needle prick test, it would not be conclusive due to the fact that she was already reacting to something.
The nurses prepared for Olivia to freak out when they had to draw blood. One nurse held Olivia's arm, the other got the needle ready, and they had me hold her legs and other arm. Olivia whined when they stuck the needle in, and then proceeded to talk about the Olivia cartoon and watch the blood as it came out of her arm. She was the biggest girl ever! The nurse gave her a coupon for a free pizza at Pizza Hut for being so good.
I had prepared for it to be a rough day for Sissy and told her we could go to Build-A-Bear if she was good. (I had a coupon for that too) And she was!

She decided on a bunny that she named LilLil. Livi picked out skinny jeans, a Disney Princess shirt, and Sketcher Twinkle Toes to go on LilLil. She had a great time.

We went to Pizza Hut for lunch to use her coupon and I had to take a picture because this was the first time that I remember being able to sit down with her at a meal and have a conversation. If you notice, she is talking in the picture. We talked about her Build-A-Bear and how her arm hurt from going to the doctor. It was an eye opening experience for me.

We are supposed to get the blood work results back this week. In the mean time, Olivia is on Zyrtec during the day and a prescription Benadryl before bed. The Zyrtec isn't working so I called the dr today and she will be on steroids for 5 days along with her regular meds. I hope we pinpoint what the culprit is soon.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

make a wish

Granny!! Get your own (root) beer!!
I told her that I was going to send this deceiving picture of her "fighting" my dad for the "beer" to her church for their bulletin. Lol. She yelled at me. As usual. :)

Isn't my daddy cute? I'm a mini-him (minus the beard...and a few other differences. Granny is kinda cute too.

Pin the tail! --She cheated--

Ok, it's like Sesame Street, "Which one of these doesn't belong?" :)
I think Makayla was trying to sneak out with them....I think eventually someone would have noticed the pale child.

Ok, this party was so fun (if I do say so myself). I had the best time planning and enjoyed spending time with every single person that was there!

Olivia had a "vintage" birthday party this year. I got the idea from looking at some other blogs and I took it and ran with it! I decided that I liked things from the 40's and 50's and googled away.

I found the popular candy: Saf-T-Pops, Big Hunks, Candy Cigarettes, Bazooka Gum (with the jokes on the wrapper), Nik-L-Nips,candy sticks.

We had glass bottled drinks: root beer, Coke, orange Crush, and grape Crush.

I also found some popular toys:  Chattering Teeth, metal Slinky,Cootie Bug Game, Tiddlywinks, finger traps, Pin the Tail on the Donkey (original from the 50's), wooden alphabet blocks, Little Golden Books, metal noise makers, metal spinning top

Did I mention how much fun I had?? Because I DID!
Olivia had a great time. She has been talking about her birthday for a while now (probably because I wouldn't hush about it). She was so excited to see Todd, Leslie,Khennedy, Ms Lisa (!!!), Nan and Pop, Memaw, Shirley & Coy, Debbie, her gym buddy Chloe, DD and Syd, Angela and Riley, Adeline. We have so many amazing friends and family members.

It was probably my favorite party yet. I loved the location (Just Leave it to Liz in downtown Benton). The place is so homey and old fashioned with a modern feel too. And Liz is the hostess with the mostess. I would definitley recomend checking it out if you get the chance.

And after everyone left....we let our hair down....

Disclaimer: The minors pictured above are actors. No actual nicotene or alcohola containging substances were used. The items pictured are props.
Therefore, there is no need to contact local child protective services. :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

blessed be the tie

...that binds. Our hearts in Christian love. The fellowship of kindred hearts is like to that above.

I love that song.

It's one of my favorites at church.

Sometimes it feels like we are completely helpless. Things happen to us and others in our lives that we have no control over and we feel like there is not a thing we can do.

I like the part in that song that speaks about "and for each other flows a sympathizing tear". I spent a lot of time shedding sympathizing tears last night. My eyes have a tendency to swell almost to the point of being completely closed when I cry. They were nice and purple when I got up this morning. I feel so deeply for people in this world going through so much.

Please take some time today to talk to God about those that are struggling.
We are not completely helpless. We have the choice: to lay down and cry OR to cry out to God.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

getting out

Let me take you back to a week ago.

Abi was sick on Thursday and then the weather got bad on Friday. We were at home both days. We stayed home that Saturday due to the weather as well. Sunday is when I got sick and we all continued to be sick on Monday. On Tuesday, we felt better. And better didn't mean 100%, but it did mean that were getting our hineys out of this house for a little bit if it was the last thing we did!

After the girls got home from school, we ran several errands and then ended our night at a foster parent association meeting here in Bryant. I had such a good time! I ran into one of Olivia's gymnastic buddy's mom in the parking lot at Target. I saw my wonderful hair dresser, Beth, in Target. And I saw tons of wonderful people that I came to know through my DHS job at the meeting that night. It felt so great to feel better and to get to be with people. I love the foster parents of this county and the staff that work with DCFS.

Alex and I are hoping to open up our home again for foster children soon. We have to complete some paperwork and training since it has been so long since we have taken children in. I feel like this is something we need to do for the children of our area. Foster parents are needed so badly in order for children to have somewhere to go when they are removed from their families. I also feel that if we are able to help those that are less fortunate, then it is our responsibility to step up to the plate. I hope that our girls learn what it is to help others and have a passion for it as well. Along the way I also hope that we all learn that life isn't always going to be easy and we must sacrifice for the greater good.

"happy birthday to me"

Olivia held a birthday party for herself at home yesterday. This is what it looked like.

She got all of her besties out: Baby Chunky, the Baby Ayla twins, Chicken Baby. She sings "happy birthday to me" often as well. She is very excited about her birthday this year.
They had a great little party and she is counting down until the actual one gets here.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

hunga bunga

That's what I call an icky virus that strikes our home.

*Disclaimer: This blog post may be verbally graphic. If you have a weak stomach or just don't enjoy reading the gory details, then I suggest you just move on to the next blog on your list and skip this one for today.

Abi was sick with stomach stuff last Thursday morning. So we stayed at home. Then, on Friday, she was still recuperating and the winter weather started in. School let out at 9:30 that morning and we spent Friday at home. Saturday was also difficult driving weather and KayKay's basketball game was cancelled. So we stayed home then too.

Alex was called out to Ohio around 2:30 this morning and I was wound up for another hour or two. I started watching Driving Miss Daisy until my belly hurt a little, so I turned it off and went to sleep. I tossed and turned with an achy stomach and eventually got up around 8:00. I have been sick. I have never felt so awful in my entire life (I'm sure there has been a time that was comparable.)

I thought I was going to lose it (and eventually I did. over and over.) when I had to heat up left over omelette's for the girls breakfast. The smell...ugh. Food is not my friend right now.
I have been up every few minutes and in the time between my entire body cramps. I know you don't need all of the details. But just now is the first time I have been able to sit up for long enough to do anything. The poor girls have been told to stay in their rooms and watch cartoons. I am so worried the rest of them will end up with it. And Olivia has just shown the beginning signs, although she still has plenty of energy.

My mom has offered to come up and help but I am hopeful that it will pass within 24 hours. Abi's symptoms seemed to. I texted my good friend Kyla to let her know because we usually keep little Oliver on Mondays and I thought I should give her fair warning. She is bringing by some soup for supper. I am so thankful! I just set out a bowl of goldfish and was able to peel some oranges for the poor kids. I'm treating them like cats today. :)

I pray Alex doesn't get this while he's out working those long terrible hours. I pray KayKay and Livi don't get it the way I've had it.
Little Abby is still also in my prayers every time I say them and on a much less important note, I pray that I can get to the post office to get stamps for Livi's birthday invites. (I know, a little petty. But it is important to me)

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday.

Friday, February 4, 2011

snow day

Abi is feeling better today and the girls have been playing since KayKay got home from school. They've put on make up and are now planning a fashion show for their Barbie dolls.
I love these snow days. We all get to pile up and eat!

I love watching the birds. The little foot prints in the snow were so cute. Can you spot the red bird sitting the tree? They were gorgeous this morning.

Have a great weekend!

100th day of school

Makayla's class was dressing up like they were 100 years old today for the 100th day of school.
The weather was fine when she went to school.

But the school called a little before 9 to let us know school was letting out at 9:30.
By the time she came home there was snow everywhere.