Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lord be our strength....

I have an Uncle Tim that was diagnosed with liver cancer in April of 2008. He has been fighting for a long time and he has been giving it all he's got to kick this thing. He has been doing rather well, considering. Until now. This morning his wife, Pam, let the family know that his kidneys are failing. They moved him to ICU this morning and are not able to move him to a hospital with a kidney specialist because he is not stable enough.
My uncle has always been the funny man. He has always been up for a good laugh and always been a joy to be around. Please pray for him and his family. Many of my family members are on their way to be together at the hospital in Tulsa( he is at Cancer Treatment Centers of America). I'm not sure how to handle the situation now with the girls. I haven't had to deal with a family crisis before and consider anyone other than mine and Alex's lives around it. I am trying to put on a good face in front of the kiddos. We will hopefully be headed out to Tulsa sometime today. Everyone please put this situation on your prayer lists. God Bless.

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