Monday, January 5, 2009

Pop Pop with Dada

There hasn't been too terrible much going on around here lately. We are all still trying to get back into the routine of life after vacation. We used our Christmas money from our families to get wood to make railing for the back deck. Goodness knows we need to get that done before spring so that Livi won't take a flying leap off of the 5 foot high edge.
I took Olivia and Makayla to the library to take some books back and they have a story hour every day of the week for different age groups. Today was for Olivia's age group. She did so well!! I was so proud of her. She was probably the youngest child there and she was one of the most observant. She sat on the rug in a circle with the other kids and listened to the teacher read two books. They stood up and sang songs. She turned around to me several times to make sure that I hadn't left her. They were talking about the moon and read a book about a little girl that wanted her Papa to get the moon for her. So he got out the tallest ladder he had and climbed to the top of the highest mountain. He was able to get the moon when it was a sliver.After the book, they made a picture by gluing a moon and stars onto paper. They then glued popsicle sticks to make a tall ladder all the way to the moon. Then they put cheerios on the moon for the craters(Olivia thought it was snack time). Makayla loved it too. She had a good time.
Makayla has also perfected her hand stand. She has really begun to practice since she got a tumble mat from Santa and she is awesome at it! I think she got wind that I was talking about how gymnastics was her weakness. Did you tell her, Brenda? :o)
And she proved me wrong.
The girls also had gymnastics tonight. We have a couple of make-up classes to fit in this week so we will be there tomorrow night and Friday night as well. The girls gymnastics teacher, Miss Olivia, told me tonight that she would love to take Abi and KayKay out sometime to do something. lol. She thinks they are the stuff. I told her to name the time and place and I will sure drop them off. Lol
Now on to my "Oh no, I have a terrible two year old" moment. Olivia has pretty much always been a good sleeper. When she first came home, she cried a lot at night. but I think she was hurting with ear pain and her environment had completely changed. So, that was excusable. But after the first few months, she slept all night like a log. The last few nights she has been screaming when it is bed time. She got a book in her stocking called "I'll See You In The Morning" and we have started reading it together every night before bed. At the end of the book, we tell it "night night" and give it a kiss before we put it away. She caught on to what happens after this kiss pretty quickly. She now turns her head, grunts at me, and tries to open the book at the beginning. She cries and cries when I try to put her to bed. The first night that she did this, Alex and I were concerned that she was afraid of something so we let her get up and stay in the living room with us. She stayed up until a little after 10:00 ( which is insane!) and Alex made her a palat on the floor and she finally fell asleep on her princess sleeping bag.
She is getting better gradually. She is crying less and less at bed time.
Tonight, she saw Dada had a bag of popcorn(pop pop). She climbed in his lap and dug in the popcorn bag. She felt so big and proud.

Well, that was an awful lot of talking to not have much going on around here!


Holly Crutchfield said...

Hey girl! I love your blog and I was so excited to see that you are following it. I am so glad to see the girls are doing well. They are so blessed to have you guys as their parents. It looks like they had a great Christmas and tell them that I miss them. I loved the Christmas card and your Christmas card is still sitting on my table along with a few others! I will still get it to you! By the way, do you know who sports is? The pic doesn't look like someone you would be blogging with!

Katie said...

Hey Bethany! I saw your blog on Holly's blog and after reading I had to leave a comment. Hopefully you remember me and don't think I'm some weirdo commenting on your blog! I worked with you at Ascent about 2 years ago (I'm a PT) brought tears to my eyes to see the pictures of the girls. I treated Makayla and was crazy about her. They look so happy. I think that you and your husband are incredible.

I have a blog, but it's private. If you send me your email address, I'll add