Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pinteresting ideas

I (along with the rest of the world) am addicted to Pinterest. I have used several of the ideas from there recently.
I have pictures of most of what we have done. I am posting from my phone and don't know how to include pictures other than all together. So I will explain each the best I can but they may not be in the correct order.

We had a teacher appreciation "happy hour" at work for our classroom staff. I made pizza rolls out of biscuits, pepperoni, and cheese. They were good.

We planted some cute little flowers in metal pots for the girls teachers for teacher appreciation as well. We included a photo on a pencil that said "thank you for helping me grow".

For Easter we hunted at night. We put glow stick bracelets in plastic eggs and his them at Nana and Poppa's houses. It was SO much fun. The girls hunted until we had to make them come in the house for bed.

Pinterest is full of amazing ideas!

On the road again

We have begun our journey to Disney. The girls and I took many trips back and forth to Mobile a couple of summers ago to see Alex. And we made awesome trips! Awesome, as in, we didn't stop for long and made good time with little to no whining and fighting. This trip has included a little more grumbling and bickering. I am a culprit as well(in case you were curious)

We left Friday, May 18th, around 1:00. We spent the night in Leeds, AL.
Our sleeping arrangements are a little crazy with 5 in a room. I also have learned that ear plugs are an amazing invention when you're stuck in a room with snoring, groaning, talking in their sleep, and an air conditioner that sounds like a freight train when it kicks on. We also apparently had a child fall off the bed twice during the night. I say apparently because I never heard a thing.
We had a wonderful hotel breakfast and enjoyed our giant waffles. We are now continuing our journey on to the happiest place on earth! Pray for us...