Sunday, September 25, 2011

who am I?-halloween teaser

The girls have all of their costumes ready to go!

We love it when all of the holidays roll around. And I consider Halloween a fun one to participate in. Maybe it's because the girls' birthdays are so close to Halloween too. 
This year we are having a Halloween costume party for their birthday.

Can you guess what they are going to dress up as this year? And which costume is whose?

They are all pretty excited about their outfits and I am sure they will continue to dress up in them once Halloween is over.

bubbles of fun

My baby likes bubbles in her bath.  And it helps to get the grunge off of her face.

She asks for bubble baths quiet often and then after a few minutes of playing she can be heard yelling down the hallway " I'M DONE!!!" and if I don't answer right away, "MOMMA! I SAID, "I'M DONE!".

She's a mess. And I can't imagine life without her. (or her sisters)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The girls got creative and drew a highway on the carport.
And then they tied Makayla's scooter to Olivia's tricycle and hauled each other around.

They also really like to practice their make up skills.
Some of them were actually pretty good at putting it on.
And others were ....very colorful.

We've been getting into a little bit of everything lately.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

she's a big one and a little one

Isn't she cute?

KayKay is doing so well this school year.

She is loving 2nd grade and has had pretty much no behavior issues.

She talks about her friends often and fixes her own hair every morning.

We are very proud of our Cakes.

Someone was explaining to Makayla how amazing it is to be "the middle sister".

She has a big sister, is a big sister, has a little sister, and is a little sister.

Keep it up, sweet girl. We can't wait to see what's next!