Wednesday, November 30, 2011

halloween costume party {tons-o-fun}

Jessie came to the party!!

LadyBug Girl!!

And RainBow Bright!!!!

The girls had a birthday party in Daisy so we could celebrate with our family.
We had a Halloween Costume Party and greatly encouraged adult participation.
It was so much fun!!!

We had some very interesting characters show up.

And I enjoyed the decorating. Thank goodness my mom was there to help!

Like I said in my last post, she was so embarassed!!


The Sherrin Family
(I hope I spelled that right! I never can remember)
The McBay's

The Golden Girls of the Group

Looks like a good time to me...

It's a good thing Seth wasn't there..we didn't have enough ghosts. ;) Missed ya Bubs!

And my favorite picture of the night.

A Pops and his girls.

party day

The girls had their birthday party in October at PlayTime Pizza in Little Rock.
They got to invite their favorite friends and play play play.
Cupcakes on Kavanaugh!
Livi and her Jada-Bayba
A special wish for my sweet birthday girls.

She gets so embarassed when all of the attention is on her. She can hardly stand it!
The twins
Momma Deb got Livi a gift too.

Just plain cute.

Very special friends...
Warning: the next picture was rather jaw dropping for Alex and I.
It could be because Abi is our 9 year old daughter and the photo appears to show affection between a young male and our 9 year old.  Ok-enough yacking-here it is....
AhHhH...I know, right?!
Trying to brace myself now.
The roller coaster simulation proved to be lots of laughs.

I think you can tell from the pictures: The girls had a great birthday.

Happy Birthday to our 8 & 9 year old blessings!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

birthday breakfast in bed

On Makayla's birthday, the girls were treated to breakfast in bed. 
They seemed to really enjoy it. There was a special birthday candle in the pancakes and Abi and Makayla both received the Happy Birthday song.

The girls have recently switched rooms. So, the spot that was once Abi's is now Makayla's and the spot that was Makayla's is now Olivia's.

I think Makayla and Abi had a pretty special birthday day. We celebrated for a week or more it seemed like!

Makayla got some Rapunzel hair and neat lip gloss on her birthday day.
Abi got the Judy Moody movie and an American Girl kit to make a special toy for her dolls.

The next posts will be about the parties that the girls had!