Friday, December 31, 2010

see ya next year!

We had an appetizer supper tonight. The menu was mini chicken sandwiches, mini egg rolls, fried mac & cheese, popcorn chicken, waffle fries, potato boats, and Alex grilled stuffed jalepenos (for himself).
We watched a family movie and played a game. It has been a family night and we pray for many more in 2011.

Be safe!

bravo! + shopping

We met Alex during his lunch break on Thursday at Bravo! It was a drizzly icky kind of day, but we didn't let that slow down our shopping!

We walked over to Justice after eating so that Abi and KayKay could spend the gift cards that their Nan got them for Christmas. Abi put on a little fashion show for us and I told her that Nana would like the sweater that she picked out. It was on sale and has lavender in it.

 These next couple of pictures cracked me up. While I was waiting on Makayla to come out of the dressing room, Olivia and Abi went to explore in the store. They found a section that had whoopie cushions and, when I walked up, Olivia was mashing on Abi while she sat on the cushion in order to make the fart sound.

I had to provide quiet a bit of guidance with Makayla in picking out practical clothing. Oh my, the things she was picking out were awful. And I couldn't help but remember the looks that my mom would give me when she saw some of the things I used to pick out.
For some reason, I never could convince her that the items I chose were fashionable.

And speaking of fashionable, I just discovered a store called Anthropologie in the outlet we were shopping in. Why has no one told me about this place before??
It. was. wonderful. If you come across this shop, go in!

he came!

Our Christmas tree with Santa's gifts left under it. He even wrote each girl a note this year!
Abi got Felicity's best friend, Elizabeth! And she's reading Santa's note in the picture. Makayla was moving around in the picture so it's all fuzzy. There will be several photos like that I imagine! (hint hint for a future birthday gift)

Olivia got an over stuffed pink rocker. And she didn't really care about her note from Santa. :)

And Makayla had this note in the tree....It told her that Santa couldn't fit her gift down the chimney so he needed her to follow the candy canes to find her present.
There were candy canes on the floor that led to the deck doors. We opened the doors and went down the steps to the swing set. And just past the swing set was.....

All of the girls were excited to see the playhouse. But Abi is such a prissy pants! She stood on the deck with a blanket wrapped around herself and I had to tell her to come down and be excited for her sister. She snarled her nose and tip toed the whole way out to see it. Good grief!

And now for random photos of the girls opening their other gifts.

Now on to the event that I know you have been anticipating all Christmas season:
                                What did the girls buy us from Santa Shop this year?????

Please excuse the blurry pictures (ahem):

Here is Alex opening up his gift from Abi.

And now opening Makayla's gift to him. He notices a trend

They both got him coffee mugs that say "Super Dad". It's something fantastic every year!
Makayla loves rudolph this year. She got some rudolph slippers and gloves.

                                       I got Alex an Arkansas Razorback commemorative watch.
And Alex got me a Coach wallet with a gift card. I also got the Bruno Mars cd, which I love.

Time for stockings!!!

I put stockings off for half of the day after opening gifts because it is a symbol. Stockings are done last in our family and then it's over. Christmas is officially over. And now I have to wait a whole year to do it again.
So, in the mean time, I will plan birthday parties!!


I got them pens that smell. Makayla's smells like bubble gum.

Alex got a package of 1/2 pound each Reese's cups in his stocking. I couldn't wait for him to open that bad boy! He was in shock (and horror I believe).

We had a great Christmas at home. And the count down begins to next year! (But I would like it if 2011 didn't go by quiet as fast as 2010).

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

prepping for Santa's visit

When Makayla saw Santa, he told her that she was in charge of leaving carrots for the reindeer. He told her to leave four small carrots but all we had we were regular sized ones. So we cut them down to size. We had to make sure to do everything just right because Santa had to make a special trip after Christmas to bring the girls their gifts.

Abi was in charge of the cookies. He specified chocolate chip.

She rode her new bicylce while we prepared for Santa's visit.

And then she got to pour the milk. She left Santa organic milk with DHA. He will be a little healthier after he leaves our house....except for the cookies.

The plate is all ready!

Stay tuned to see if Santa delivered!

christmas at nan & pop's

Presents were opened Christmas night from Nan and Pop. The girls always get tons of good stuff! Nanna made sure they got every thing that they asked for.

Makayla got the Rudolph that she asked for. She likes him a lot.

Justin is the stuff...apparently.

After the kids went to bed, the adults opened gifts from eachother.

 I was excited to give Poppa his gift! I just KNEW he would love it.  I think the whole family is getting some use out of it too.

We got Seth a Ninja Turtle snuggie!!

Nan and her purple booties.

Seth got a Flip too.

We had a great Christmas! Nana got me a CriCut Cake. Which I love! I haven't had a chance to play with it yet. I have been getting all of the kids toys out and together for them. So hopefully, one day this week it will be my turn to play.