Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bowling, Beautifying, and Baking

Bowling was on the to do list for when Alex was in town. We met up with Nan and Pop at Central Lanes and had a nice evening.

Alex was helping the girls master the art of bowling.

I don't think she quiet got the hang of it.

I love this picture.

And I love these girls.

And she loves her Nana.

We SO enjoyed our time together and always look forward to meeting up again.

Now on to the "beautifying" part of this entry.
It was time for haircuts and Makayla has been pretty excited that she actually got to take some length off of her hair. It makes brushing it out much less painful for her.
This is before she got it cut.
Can you see the curls on the floor?

And then there was baking!
The girls and I ventured into Williams Sonoma about a month ago. It smelled yummy in there. They lured us in with Carrot Spice Bread and we HAD to have it! Makayla baked some up the other day and it is so delicious. It makes me dream of fall.

Okay, I've uploaded enough pictures for one night.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Date Night!!!

Alex and I are fortunate enough to have my wonderful friend Debbie to help us out with the girls on occassion. She watched them for us for a few hours so that we could go out and have some time together while he was in town.

We went to 1620, and like a cornball, I had to take pictures. I just really like that place. We had the best time! We enjoyed every second that we had to focus on eachother. We went to Orange Leaf afterwards and it was delicious too! I had heard great things about it and was excited to give it a try. I think we both really liked it. So, the following are photos of our night on the town.

The picture of the food above was our appetizer at 1620. Alex was enjoying it and the look on his face is "what do you think you're doing with that camera out right now?"

I miss him already.

PJ's & Cotham's

Olivia loves Jesse from Toy Story. She got these pj's at the Disney Store and is pretty proud of them. The look on her face also shows a frequent state of being for her. She is kind of a whiney 3 1/2 year old. She was pretty outgoing when we were in Alabama. She spoke to everyone that got on the elevators with us but now she hides behind my leg most of the time when people talk to her. She continues to amaze me with these 1/2 ages.

On to other exciting news, Alex came home this week! Don't get too excited, it was just for 3 days. But hey, we will take what we can get. He got home on Tuesday and left today to go back to the Gulf. He had several things on his agenda that he wanted to do while he was back in town. One of them was to get a hubcap burger from Cotham's. We had several nice outings with him while he was home. By the way, the fried green tomatoes at Cotham's were wonderful! You should try them if you get a chance.

Play Dates with Oliver

Olivia and I have begun watching my friend Kyla's little boy, Oliver, on Mondays. We are excited to have him visit with us!

He is a sweet and fun little guy. He loved playing with the toy shopping cart and stroller. The poor guy doesn't have a very masculine choice in toys at our house!

We had a good morning with Mr. Oliver. As the morning went on, he felt feverish and napped at an unusual time. He felt pretty bad and was SO ready to see his mommy.
We hope Oliver is feeling better and ready to hang with us again on Monday!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Brent's Birthday Bash

Brent turned 28 this year. He is so funny about getting older. He worries and stresses about it. And, like last year, I had to torture him some more.
I tried to plan a suprise party for him (don't think the suprise part worked out), but all of the family got together at the Newhope Grill and had lunch together. It was good to see everyone.

ALL of my granny's 7 grandkids were there and most of her great grandkids were there. We tried to get pictures of all of the great's and it was kind of a mess. :)

Olivia and her silly uncle.

My granny even got up on a chair and sang happy birthday! She snapped her fingers, kicked her feet, and shook her booty.
Brent was afraid she was going to fall.
The birthday boy.

The party was fun and I hope Brent has another fun year as he gets closer to 3-0!

P.S. I hope you enjoy this napkin as much as I did. These were for Brent's party.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The End and Beginning

Ice cream was our treat to ourselves on our last night in Daphne. It was just the girls (which is typically the case). Abi had mint chocolate chip (her new favorite, just like her Uncle Seth), Livia had black cherry with M &M's, and KayKay had banana flavored ice cream with KitKat's. They all definitley have their own personality.

Before we went out for ice cream, I had Olivia lay down to try to rest. She cried and complained and then all of a sudden, quiet. I got tickled at how she chose to go out.

And once we completed the drive that wouldn't end, I got to unload, sort through, and put away all this mess! What was I thinking??

And then it was time for school to start! I began the routine lunch packing last night. It felt so strange to be packing lunches again so soon. I packed the girls a special treat for their first day back to school.
Abi started 2nd grade today and KayKay 1st. I walked them in and met their teachers. I think they are going to have a great year! Olivia is still confused sometimes about why her sisters are at school and she is not. But we had a really great day together today just me and Livi.

I hope everyone had a smooth transition back to the busy school year!