Sunday, June 30, 2013

Family Time

Friday Night was family game night. Fibbers and Headbanz were on the menu. 

The two most rotten things in this house. 

Abi went with Alex to a gun show and the other two tagged along while I antique shopped. We had a good time. It's not always easy looking with the girls but we enjoyed our time. 
DeGray was on the to do list for the day too. We met a faster than the average turtle on our way out. 

We also watched as he ran full speed off of the ledges in the parking lot twice. Alex shamed me for not having my camera ready when this occurred. He managed to make it to the beach in tact. 
So long fearless turtle (who was named Rosie and Maria within the five minutes that we got to know it). 


Living up the summer time is our goal!
We have spent a lot of time in the water and checking out new spots to hang out. 

One of my favorite things to do is lay back and look at the sky. As long as the girls aren't trying to drown each other while I relax, then it's a very enjoyable time. 

We have had a slipNslide that was ripped by our special Daisy Dog. So we got creative and drug out the baby pool. The girls had a blast even though they were pretty much on top of each other the entire time. They really had fun trying to drain it. 

We all hope your summer is going equally as entertaining!!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Splash Park

We have been trying to savor as much summer as we can. 

Pop Ice

The splash park at War Memorial was fun too! It's free and a really neat place to explore. 
I think Makayla was a little surprised.