Sunday, April 29, 2012


Debbie and I spent the day visiting local antique shops on Saturday.
We hardly ever get to spend time together outside of working together occasionally.
We met up at a local shop in Benton and made the rounds.
I immediately spotted the chair above. I am working on creating a new dining room set with mismatched chairs and am on the prowl.
I documented our day in photos.
There were antique cameras everywhere.
Very neat.
I loved this burlap cork board.
I have plans to create one soon.
I always think of my mom when I see cookware like this.
She has several pieces like this.
Deb wanted to make sure she saw everything.
And in one of the antique shops, these would have came in VERY handy.
I told her it seemed like an episode of hoarders. We could barely squeeze down the aisles with old stuff piled to the ceiling.
My brother and I watched The California Raisins all the time at my Aunt Susan's house when we were growing up. I was truly baffled when I saw a commercial on tv stating that someone other than the California Raisins sang "I heard it through the grapevine".
I just thought this was funny.
Klutch: An adhesive powder for dental plates.

This hutch is from the 1800's and I fell in love with it!
I plan to go back soon to see if someone swiped it.
My mom used to save jelly jars for us to drink out of.
Some of these were the exact same designs as the ones we had.

Debbie and I took a lunch break at Ed and Kay's Restaurant in Benton.
That was the highest mound of calf slobber I had ever seen.
And I scraped it off. I am not fond of the slobber.
Love the chocolate pie part though.

I found a lot of amazing things and have a new project that I'm working on as a result of the weekend.
I started working on it today and the girls were outside playing. Our neighbor Andrew came over and Olivia said," Andrew, Momma is working on her special project."
Such a mess.
My outings with Debbie don't happen nearly enough and I had a great time with her.
Things are still busy around here with sports, school, and work.
I don't get to blog nearly like I want to but I am keeping photos and memories stored up for a time when I can document them.
Have a great week!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

softball mom

The opening ceremonies for the softball season was a good time for the kiddos.
I enjoy the balloon release.

The first games of the season.
Olivia is on the Ladybacks team and Makayla is on Benton Xtreme.

Olivia is #2 and loves her coach.
Making a run
Go Ladybacks!

Both girls are playing softball.
We have practice or a game or two every evening.
Life is crazy busy.
Supper is always late and we are tired most of the time.
But I am so thankful that the girls have made new friends and love playing ball.
It's a memorable time in our lives and our late evenings are just beginning!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

birthday bliss

The green fountain was a big hit.
I had a really amazing birthday weekend. Alex spoiled me with little gifts throughout the week and my birthday is close to St Patricks Day. If you know me, then you know I jump on the bandwagon of any holiday. Kids make holidays so much more special and fun! I had planned an all green lunch for the girls to take to school. I knew that if it was all green healthy items that they would be famished by the time they got home. So I went with mostly items that I thought they would eat.
They had green Hawaiian Punch, green pear apple sauce, green jello, green grapes, a spinach turkey wrap, and a shamrock cookie

We had a little fun at work too.
This is my good pal Katie.

On Saturday we went to the St Patrick's Day Parade in Hot Springs. We spent our morning walking around down town and had a really good time.

We started off with brunch at The Pancake House.
We tried a variety of pancakes and it was really yum.

The girls were checking out the Mountain Valley Museum.
Then we stopped for a popcorn break.
And I found some shoes!!
I didn't buy them but I love them!
Maybe they will live in my closet some day.
And the girls had a great time climbing this giant rock at the park.
Makayla immediately spotted a lady with a little dog enjoying their afternoon.
She walked right over and started talking to them and petting the dog.
She is a HUGE animal lover. I hope we can get her a furry friend one day soon.
I love downtown Hot Springs.
This was the most relaxing looking bath house that I saw.
Vintage blue is my new favorite thing.

And then we found a good spot to wait for the parade to start.

Alex had heard a couple of months ago that Tim Mattheson was going to be the Grand Marshall of the parade and we jokingly let my mom know. She has been a big fan of Tim's for a long time.
Little did we know that we would actually be there for the parade!
It was kind of a last minute decision to go.
We waited patiently for a couple of hours as many different groups and floats came through.
We would get excited every time we saw a sports car coming up because we just KNEW Tim would be in it.
Mom and I were right by the gate and a man in a green shirt and blue jeans was right in front of us giving out beads.
He turned his head towards us and I immediately began to yell at mom that it was him! He turned around and walked to the other side of the street. And then mom began to scream. For him to come back.
I have video footage that I will not embarrass her with, but I WILL tell you all about it.
And she said he smooched his lips at her as he walked back towards us.
That's Abi's hand reaching towards him.
It was such a fun experience.
I like to ask the girls what their favorite part of the day was often to find out what was memorable to them and Makayla said, "Tim Otter" when I asked her about that day.

38 Special was in the parade as well.
Abi has a necklace that they threw out to the crowd.
Olivia fell asleep as soon as she got a few chips and salsa in her belly.
It was a long fun day.
My Katie from work announced my day with a lovely banner.
I also had a fun lunch with some of my best friends.
Alex got me an Anthro gift card and my mom got me a Maurices one.
Now I need to plan a shopping trip!

I think this was one of the best birthdays.
I got to spend lots of time with my family and it was a gorgeous weekend.
Relaxing and special.
Just the way I like it.