Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Lately, there have been a lot of walks.
One weekend we participated in the NAMI walk. The National Alliance for Mental Illness is an important part of the community. People need support and help when dealing with mental illnesses. We were proud to be a part of the event! It was awesome to see so many participants.

Last weekend was the first Walk for the Waiting event here in Little Rock. It's to raise awareness and funds for the children still waiting in foster care to be adopted. The money is used to train foster and adoptive parents in order for the waiting children to have a forever family. This cause is close to our heart and meant a lot to us.

We have had some weekends with a lot of meaning! I hope the girls take something away from it all. And that others may be encouraged to get involved and support your community one way or another!

Day at the Zoo

Olivia's Kindergarten field trip was the Little Rock Zoo. We had a really good time together. It's always nice to get to spend one on one time with the girls.

Olivia was a social butterfly. She jumped around and said hello to all of her friends.

She was really excited that I was there. I'm hanging on to all the times that she is happy that I am with her.

It was a great day that I hope neither of us ever forget!!

Picnic and Newhope

The girls and I are pretty random sometimes. They were playing outside last week and we decided to have a picnic. It was really hot and short lived but we enjoyed it while it lasted. Poor Daisy was beside herself while she was chained up and the girls were eating.

Meanwhile, everyone is growing up like crazy. Just take a look at Livi and Daze.

The kiddos took a trip to Newhope with their daddy a couple of weeks ago. They ended up at the McBay Pond with some squirmy stinky fish. They talked about the trip for days. Makayla was a little freaked out by her slimy fish. I think they had a blast!

We are still busy with life in general (Luke everyone else in the world). I'm hoping some more posts make it in here soon.