Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2 Year Check Up followed by Date Night

Olivia had her two year check up on Tuesday the 24th. She weighed a little over 24 pounds and is 33 and 3/4 inches tall. She is within the 25% range. The nurse said she was very well proportioned with her weight and build. Olivia's phrases include: "help me", "love you", "bless you". She loves Spongebob, Dora, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. She LOVES to eat and is not too crazy about milk. She will drink it but we have to prompt her a lot. She loves all kinds of fruit and most vegetables. She has never really liked tomato soup or coleslaw. She loves bath time and looking at books. And she is finally getting more hair and it's out of control. She lookes like wolverine when she gets up from a nap.
Her potty training has been a little off schedule. She did well Monday and Tuesday. This morning she had done #1 and #2 in her pull up. She also wet her pull up later today. But she has peed on the potty. It's mainly my fault for not being consistent with her. It's hard work! So, hopefully we will get back on schedule because she does well when I am consistent.

Alex picked the girls up from school yesterday and took Makayla to gymnastics so that I could have some time to get ready for our date. After gymnastics we took the girls to Megan's and headed out for a grown up dinner. We ate at the Bonefish Grill in Little Rock. The atmosphere was amazing and the food was great too. Conversation did drift to the kids several times, but I am okay with that. They are our life after all! We then went to The Fresh Market. I love that place! They have the best ingredients. I am a Food Network junky and they carry a lot of the things needed to make those recipes.

Then it was time to get the kids. We got home and it was back to reality. :o) Bath time, homework time, teeth brushing, and bed time.
We really hope that we can plan to have a special date night every couple of months. We went out on New Years and now at the end of February. So hopefully we can keep a schedule of it.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Cake

This is the cake that I made for Olivia's party. It took a while, but it was worth it. She was so excited to see the "moo", as she calls it.

Potty Training Update: Olivia has peed in the potty about four times today. She has kept a dry pull up all day! Now, I don't know how it will go over night, but the first day was a success.


Olivia's birthday party was Saturday at MidAmerica Museum in Hot Springs. She had such a good time! We ran and ran until we were all so exhausted that we could barely stay awake. Thank you to everyone that came and for all of Olivia's great gifts. We missed those of you that couldn't make it, but we understand! Life is busy.

I didn't get any pictures of the decorated cake table. Hopefully Nana got some and I can bum them off of her.

You are getting so big Liv!! You peed and pooped in the potty on your 2nd birthday. You are showing us every day that you are getting bigger and more independent. We hit the ground running this morning with the serious potty training. Olivia was wet when she woke up but I put her on the potty and she did #1 and #2! So I am trying to take her every 1 1/2 to 2 hours. She tinkled a little bit the second time I took her. We are about to go try again. She is excited to be wearing Dora pull ups and I just can not imagine her tiny hiney in panties! It may be a while before we get there anyway.

Friday, February 20, 2009

This is what a 2 year old looks like....

getting out of bed.

Using the potty (big girl).

After a bath.

Getting ready.

All done!

posin' with her sissy.

huggin' it out.

lovin' it.

opening a gift.

blowing out her candles.

Happy Birthday big girl! I love you.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Righting a Wrong

I took my gripe about the false advertising to the email. I emailed the Kid's Directory and they sent me an apologetic email. It was very kind. Apparently they forwarded my email to the museum, who, in turn, emailed me and offered to mail us family passes to the museum. I was appreciative and hope that they don't think ill of me. But I am proud to see them try to right this wrong.

Olivia is talking so much more. She says "Abi" clear as day. It's no longer "Aba". She says "LOOK! LOOK!" when she wants us to see something. Her hair seems so much thicker today. She will be two on Friday. I can not believe it.

Abi and Makayla are wrestling like Seth and I used to at this age. They are fighting over a toy baby bottle. Abi has been laying on the couch with the nipple of the bottle in her belly button and claims to be feeding her belly button. So now Makayla wants to do it too. I am trying more and more to stay out of their bickerments (is that a word?) and let them duke it out. Makayla is like me and doesn't know when to stop. They are at the age where they need to problem solve on their own. Conflict-resolution.

Alex should be home Friday. :o)

Have a good night!

Monday, February 16, 2009

False Advertising

Karen, Sharon, Leslie, and Khennedy drove up from Arkadelphia to go to the Discovery Museum in Little Rock with us on Sunday. We left Nana's house as soon as church was over to rush up to Little Rock to meet them. Typically the second Sunday of every month from 1-5 is free admission to the museum, but in this month's Kid's Directory it was advertised that the free Sunday was going to be Feb 15th.
We arrive at the Museum and there is a sign posted on the door saying that there was a misprint in the Kid's Directory and admission WAS going to be charged. What?! Ridiculous! Everyone had driven such a long way to let the kiddos play. So we payed the $30 (per family) to enter the museum. Now, I understand that mistakes are made. But I do feel like the advertisement should have been honored. It all seems a bit tacky to me.

Nonetheless, we all had a good time.

Back Track

This is the cake from Kyla's shower that I said I would post pictures of a week ago. I am getting behind! She had a great shower and got lots of wonderful gifts. I am so proud for her and Kenny. They are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their baby boy. The reason for "Moliver" being on the cake is because they are undecided about whether they are going to name him "Miles" or "Oliver". Brandi came up with the temporary "Moliver". I was going to put question marks all over the top of the cake, but decided against it.

And here are some more pictures from Valentine's weekend.

Makayla had just poked herself in the eye with her straw.

Aren't They Cute?

Olivia can't say Grammie. so for now, she is Mammy.

Pawpaw and Liv

Granny G and the girls

BJ and Tricia's baby, Ayla

I think this was the best Valentine's Day I have ever had! Except for Alex being gone, of course. We got to visit Grammie Retta and Memaw for lunch. Saw Granny, Pawpaw,BJ, Ayla, Tina, and a lot of the other great's in the afternoon, and Susan, katelyn, and Memaw visited that night. There were four generations sitting in the dining room visiting. It was amazing!
Thanks to you all for the great valentine's gifts for the girls. Alex sent them each a balloon from Debbie's Piddlin' Shop because he couldn't be here for the holiday. He also sent me some daisies ( in my previous post from V-day).
It felt like the visiting and catching up with family is what the holiday should be all about and I enjoyed every second of it.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Maggie Moos

Abigail is on winter break for a few days. I took her and Olivia out on the town yesterday. We went to the mall and Abi picked Mexican for lunch at On the Border. We then hunted down Maggie Moos ice cream parlor. We got a couple of pints of ice cream and a zoomer. We had a good time.

Before getting out at the mall.

At On The Border

At Maggie Moos

We headed out to Newhope after our day on the town.

Flowers that Nana had the girls pick for Grammie (Mammy)Retta and Memaw

I have more great pictures from the weekend but the internet it not very cooperative at the moment. I will try to get them up when I get home.
Thanks for your supportive comments< Lori and Christie, from my last blog. It was ridiculously whiney at a weak moment. I appreciate all of you so much.
Hope you had a day full of love!!!