Sunday, April 26, 2009

Identity Crisis Experience

We went to Norman Saturday afternoon to hear my brother, Seth, sing with the band Identity Crisis. On our way there, Olivia fell asleep. Which was unusual because she had just gotten up from a nap and she doesn't usually sleep that much during the day.
She then woke up and began to cry and hold her belly. And then, up came the blueberries she had for breakfast. I pulled over and cleaned her as best I could. When we got to Mt. Ida, I took the kids into the Family Dollar store there and poor Livi was just wearing a pull up and a blanket. I went to get supplies! Clorox, a new outfit, Febreez, Shout, crackers, and a toy to help her feel better. I was getting an outfit for her when she started losing it again. It was awful! In the middle of the store. So, now her blanket was blueberry covered as well. We finally made it out of the store and got Livi and her car seat all cleaned up. We made it to Norman and she got sick again, outside of the car this time.
We got to see Nana, Poppa, and Uncle Seth. Olivia seemed to be feeling better and Abi and KayKay definitly had a great time.

Abi is really into bug finding. She found a caterpillard (as she calls them) right off the bat and found her a stick to live on. She made Poppa bug sit when she ran around to play.

Uncle Seth took the girls to get their faces painted.

There was good food.

Olivia had bread and sprite...and a little bit of chicken.

The Josh Harper Band

The Band WannaBe's

Identity Crisis and their groupies.

Olivia spent most of the evening curled up on me and Nana. We headed home and about 10 minutes down the road Olivia got sick again. Projectile sick. I then spent some time pulled over on the side of the road (in the dark) trying to change her clothes and clean out her car seat. Which, by the way, is horribly difficult to clean. She rode home in a pull up but she fell asleep so quickly that I don't think it bothered her too much.
And the current sickly update is that Olivia woke up with a high fever this morning. She has slept a lot today and eaten very little. She has had crackers and water. So far, knock on wood, no more throwing up. I am hoping that everyone in the house doesn't end up with it!

Showin Some Love for Mother Earth

Olivia experienced her first big screen event on Friday. I checked Abi out of school early (don't tell her teachers) and we went to the matinee for the Disney Earth movie. It is a documentary that follows animal families for a year. There were polar bears, humpback whales(my personal fave), monkeys, elephants, great white sharks, ducks, and lots of supporting cast members. It was a beautiful movie and if you purchased tickets the week of it's release then a tree would be planted for each ticket. I was hoping the girls would learn something about nature and how we have to help our planet. Abi really enjoyed it and was interested in everything that happened. Makayla watched it some of the time. She likes to people watch more. And Olivia....well, she stayed in her seat well. It kept folding up on her because she is so small. She wiggled and played with her feet, talked to me, ate some pop pop, and made animal noises during the movie. I was impressed with how well she did. She could not believe how big that "t.v." was.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kay Kay Goes To Kindergarten....For A Few Minutes

It has been a busy busy week so far. Abigail had a field trip to the zoo on Monday. She had a blast! I, of course, worried about her staying with her class and not getting lost. And she arrived back home safely. She said they had a picnic lunch and that was fun too.
On Tuesday, Abi had an awards assembly at her school. She got an award for having all S's. She is such a poser! She stood on the stage, after everyone had already walked off, still smiling and holding her award up to make sure that I got a picture.

We had lots of errands to run after the awards assembly. We went to the post office and Olivia decided to have a fit when it was time to leave. I later described her to Alex as "going postal". We went to Hot Springs because I needed to go to the jewelry store where my wedding bands were from to send them off to get buffed and cleaned.Can you believe that it takes 2 weeks to get those rings taken care of? I am worried that when they get back my platinum and diamonds will have been melted down and I will receive white gold and cubic zurconia. Lol, makes me uneasy.
Anywho, we met my Granny for lunch and let the girls play at the Chick-Fil-E playplace.

And this is the "I-have-not-had-a-nap-today-and-I-want-it-my-way" fit that Olivia threw when it was time to go from the playplace.

And shortly after the fit.....

And then Makayla had gymnastics. She is sitting by her instructor, Miss Olivia. We LOVE Miss Olivia and she will be leaving the gym this summer. We will miss her a ton.

Olivia "helping" Momma with supper last night.

Abi saying the blessing for her waffle at breakfast this morning.

We like our breakfast waffles to be happy. I usually try to put peanut butter and blueberries on them so they stick with the kids longer.

Makayla had Kindergarten Round Up today. It's bitter sweet. I am so proud of her and yet I am in shock that it is already time for her to go to Kindergarten.

This photo is courtesy of Abi. Pictured are me, Olivia, and Abi had to make sure and get in it too.(her finger anyway) lol.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pink Bliss Beauties

Abigail and Makayla were invited to Riley's 3rd birthday party. She had a Princess Tea Party at Pink Bliss in Little Rock. The girls came dressed as a princess and got their hair, make up, and nails done.

She put her hands out and was so still and patient for her manicure! It was sweet.

Making a Wish

Another one bites the dust

The Birthday Girl. Isn't she a doll?

I apologize for the picture explosion, but I have a horrible time picking which ones are my favorite!
Here is the finished flower bed.

My good friend Dedee and I went to Dizzy's Grill for supper Friday night and then to see 17 Again. We had a really good time (without the kids!). We laughed so much and the movie was good, even though the theater was FILLED with tweens that ran up and down the steps the whole time.