Saturday, August 7, 2010

Not Flesh of My Flesh

"Not Flesh of My Flesh, Nor Bone of My Bone, But Miraculously My Own. Never Forget for a Single Minute, You Didn't Grow Under My Heart, but in It."

This is the quote that I painted on our pottery that we made on the day of the adoption of our girls in 2008.
This is a tradition that I had hoped to continue each year to celebrate Gotcha Day, but last year we flaked on it.  We continued the trend this year though and made a pitcher. The grapes on the pitcher are the finger prints of each of our girls. And it says " A Bond that cannot be broken"

"Gotcha 2010"

I am so thankful for our babies and the life we are blessed with. I pray that the girls don't have unresolved issues with their biological family as they grow. I pray that they know how loved and wanted that they are. I pray that they give the glory of this wonderfully pieced together family to God.


Michele Stewart said...

I don't even know you, but I was lazily browsing through blogs and came across yours! I just wanted to leave a quick comment. I can tell just by your blog the dedication you have to these girls. While they may not be flesh of your flesh, they are absolutely your children. To top it off, they all LOOK LIKE YOU. I was actually wondering if the adoption was within the family (like a drug addicted sister lost her children and you adopted them...etc) because the physical similarities are just really profound! Anyway, best of luck to you and your beautiful little family. :) I have no doubt that the girls WILL know that you were joined together by the very hand of God.

The Hills said...

Thank you so much Michele. Your comment means a lot to me. We are so very proud of our little ladies and feel blessed beyond measure!

To answer your question, the girls are not related to us biologically. I worked in a mental health facility and came to know them through my case management. I knew the girls for about a year before they came to our home.

Thanks again and I hope you continue to keep up with us! Have a great weekend.