Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Snoozing Piglet

She must have been tired after a fun morning of shopping!

While shopping we found fun stocking stuffers for the girls and their cousins.

Cute barrettes!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Just For Today


I am trying so much to be completely involved in these few precious moments that I have left with my little ones being little.  Olivia was a giggle box as I played with her while trying to get her to give me a kiss good night. It probably won't be too much longer before she could care less if I give her a night night kiss ( and will probably kill me for saying "night night kiss").  She is riding in a "big girl booster seat" now and I have never seen her so proud. She went into a stall by herself in a public restroom for the first time this week. These things may mean nothing to you, but they are all little pieces of my baby growing up to me.

Makayla was so proud to talk about how she learned that alcohol and cigarettes are bad for you today at school. And she talked all about how they saw some magic tricks too. I was thinking while she was telling me this that I pray that she remembers these lessons and sticks to her belief that these things are harmful. She has this wild crazy laugh that I absolutely love about her. She is really excited right now because she is going to take a break from gymnastics and wants to try basketball. I think she is mainly excited because she knows how happy this will make her daddy. One less cheerleader is a MAJOR plus to him.

And my dear sweet Abi. She is so incredibley motivated to accomplish things and to do them well. She loves her cheerleading and being able to help other people. I think she is going to be such a generous giver as she grows up. She cares deeply for other people and has a genuine concern for them.

I have to take a step back sometimes and realize that each day with these kiddos is purely precious. They are changing before my very eyes and I am in awe of the people they are becoming. Oh goodness, here come the momma tears just typing this.

I am enjoying my time at home with them so much. I know that they are going to keep growing and changing. So I guess my prayer tonight will be that I will soak up every second with them and hang on to the joy and fun we are having along the way.
Olivia and her new gang of gymnastics pals.
(Olivia was already friends with the little lady in the middle. They went to Ms Lisa's together)

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Three Sisters

The weeks have been rushing by. This time of year always gets busier (for everyone out there as well I imagine). The days have been running together and forming weeks quicker than I can keep up with.

I busted out the fall decorations today. And, as odd as it sounds, I don't have very many fall decorations. I looked in the 45 gallon bin that we keep decorations in, and all I found were two fall colored garlands. Everything else had a theme to it. Lots of Halloween and lots of Thanksgiving. And I'm not ready for either one of those holidays to be celebrated.
Back to the three sisters, they so enjoy spending time with one another. And except for the screaming at everyone phase that Olivia is going through, they get along 98% of the time.
They are absolutely stunning.

While the other two sisters are in school during the day, and when daddy was home, we got some running around done.

She typically only gets the car-buggy when daddy is in town because I can not stand trying to manuver those stinkin' things around in the store. For a buggy with a steering wheel, they sure are difficult to keep in a straight line.

One evening after supper we decided to treat the girls to Orange Leaf.

There are SO many toppings to choose from.

And I must explain why Makayla is frozen yogurt-less. Makayla has pretty much stayed in trouble at school since it started back this year. She has been in detention four times in the last three weeks. Yes, that means that she had detention twice in one week. So, we are trying anything we can think of to motivate her to behave more positively. Therefore, she didn't get a treat that day. We hated that we couldn't all enjoy our outing together, but hopefully it made an impact on Makayla.

The three plus daddy.

Love, Love, Love, these gorgeous gals!

I really do look forward to older ages and being able to enjoy quality mom/ daughter time (if they don't think I'm lame by then).

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Date with My Daughter

I was SO excited to be able to take Livi out for a day of fun. We started off with breakfast at Chick-fil-A after taking the sisters to school. She scarfed down her fruit and one chicken mini before she was off to play.

Hugs before she ran to play in the play place.
She loves fruit. And it appears that I caught her off gaurd for this photo. :)

Then we headed to The Wonder Place. We were the only ones there and Olivia ran and played as she pleased. She liked the water play and the pretend River Market.
She is growing so fast. I can not believe how big she is. She played and played.

Then we went to the Pleasant Ridge Town Center for some lunch and cupcakes!

Olivia and I had a wonderful day together. She enjoyed our "date".
I hope we get to have many more days like this as she grows.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Few Of Our Favorite Things

We spent our Friday evening window shopping at Target. :) That is one of my favorite things to do.

I let the girls loose down the toy isles and I take a step back to breath in the peace. 
I'm sure the Target employees appreciate my ritual.

Another thing that we love: Nana and Poppa!

The sand box was the happenin' place to be this weekend.
Doesn't is just look like a relaxing place to be? That's why it's one of our favorites.

Another favorite: Daisy Church of Christ

Ready to head to services.

Another favorite: Ice Cream Suppers at the Daisy Church!!

And our last favorite for this post: friends and fellowship!

Another Day with Oli

The last time I kept Oliver it was raining outside. He REALLY likes going outside. Doesn't he, Kyla? :)

He would come over and grab my finger.

And take me to the door to show me that he wanted to go out. We got a couple of riding toys and went out on the deck. Olivia and Oliver had so much fun!

He also really liked to sweep!

Olivia and I so enjoy having our new buddy around!