Friday, December 26, 2008

Memories in the Making

What a wonderful holiday! We have all been blessed so much to be able to spend the holidays with our family and friends. We have received more than we deserve. I hope that you all had a blessed holiday and there is more to come!

The girls had a great time at Grammie Retta and Papaw Trumans house. They got a doll house and other goodies. We had a good afternoon with them. We missed Aunt Becky and her family though. We hear they had a great Christmas though and we are thankful that they had a safe holiday.

Abi is growing into such a little lady so quickly! This is her in the car on the way to Granny Gloria's Christmas on Christmas Eve. She sits like that a lot these days. Looks like a prissy pants, huh. I love her personality though.

My cousin Brent and his nephew(Eric and Allison's baby),Connor

Granny receiving her crack-a-lackin' gift. Oh, how fun it was!

Ricky McBay(Brent's loyal father) busting a gut as he realizes what Granny's gift is. I'm sure Connor was giggling on the inside as well.

Nanna making the traditional Christmas Morning chocolate gravy. Yummmmmm

I have several more pictures to post of things that the girls opened that were important. I believe that I have enough photos on here for thin entry. Promise to get the rest of them on here soon. We open gifts at home in the morning with the girls. Love you all and goodnight!

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