Tuesday, April 26, 2011

4 generations

Abi, Janette (my mom), Olivia, me, Rachel (my brother's girlfriend), Memaw (mom's mom), Makayla, and Aunt Susan (mom's sister)

max&ruby: amphibian style

Olivia has a couple of new pets.

Max & Ruby are their names.

See that rock in the right side of the aquarium?

Olivia always says "Eat your jello frogs!"

She has thanked me every night for getting her those frogs.

Seeing her happy makes my day.

Monday, April 25, 2011

hometown treasures

We stopped at a yard sale at the end of the road where I grew up.

The lady having the yard sale has a little girl named Avery and she was playing with caterpillars.

She had a shoe box full! And our girls loved that!

There is an old house and an old building that my mom says used to be a piano shop.

The owners let us look around in the house and I fell in love with it.

The ceilings were so high..

The furniture was so neat.

I hope that some day we can find a huge old house to remodel a bit.

Back  to the yard sale part of the trip, I racked up on lots of adorable items that Jessica Hrabal had made for her daughter, Avery. There are so many great reasons hit the sales!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Randi and the great play date

Olivia had her first official play date this past Wednesday.

We know Randi from church in Benton and Olivia spent some time at school with her too.
I have been getting to know Randi's family and we decided that the girls needed a play date.

I had planned on Randi coming over when I got off of work on Wednesday and as you all know, we have had some crazy storms lately. The storm on Tuesday night knocked out the power to the schools in Bauxite and school was cancelled on Wednesday. We don't really have anyone up here to help us with the girls, so I took off of work to be with them and Randi got to come over earlier to play.

We did everything.
They watched Tangled,
played with dolls,
ran around the house screaming,
played hide and go seek,
played Barbie fashion show,
ate a snack (popcorn & m&m's),
watched Bambie,
played dress up,
watched Tangled again,
put on make up,
dyed Easter eggs,
painted finger nails,
decorated Easter eggs,
and then it was time for supper and church.

The girls had the best time!

Olivia led the prayer at supper that night and said, "Dear God, thank you for letting Randi and her baby come over to play. Amen"
She prayed this again before bed.

I'm pretty sure her play date meant a lot to her.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

losing the best game ever

Makayla had another softball game last night.

This is Alex giving her a pep talk before she went up to bat.

She practiced her swing.

And this, my friends, is her bat.
Her bat that she threw down after she smacked the ball.

And she ran like the devil!!!

Here is my little pro player waiting on second base.

She looked so great out there!

Taking off for home plate.

And making a run!!!

Her first run!!!

See this score board?

The other team was whoopin' us.
They did whoop us.
But that was the best game EVER!
Our little KayKay listened to the coach and to what her daddy has been trying to teach her about the sport.

She scored the only point for our team
And we couldn't be more proud.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

sunday morning

Looks like fun around our place doesn't it?

I just had to take a minute to show off the pretty ladies that live here.

We all hope your weekend has been amazing and pray for a safe and happy work week ahead!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

fixin up

We did yard work today.
It felt like MAJOR yard work.

I forgot to take "before" pictures.
But we cleaned out every inch of the red mulch and replaced it with black.
We ran to Lowes and planted a few new plants.
We have a hard time with this spot of our flower bed because the rain from the roof pours right onto it and destroys whatever we have there.

And this is our new marshmallow tree.
We are working on coming up with a name for him.
His new home is beside the girls play house.

This is what I call my "Uncle Tim plant".
It's one of the plants that was given to us from when he passed away.
I have kept it in the house and it is getting so tall.
I'm letting it sit outside to see how well it would do if I planted in the flower bed.
It's pretty special to me.

We had a great day in the yard. We were there from the time we got up until almost time to get ready for bed. The girls played all over the yard and were tuckered out by this evening.

I hope you all enjoyed your Saturday.

I forgot to tell you about the first "old timer" comment that Alex received while we were in the yard.
The girls wanted Andrew to come over and play so Olivia ran over and asked Andrew's mom if he could come over and play. She said that he had a friend named Logan over and she would go ask them if they wanted to come over. Logan and Andrew came over and Logan had a sling shot. Alex commented to Logan about how he had one of those when he was a kid too. Logan chuckled and said, "Yeah, but this one is made out of rubber. It's probably a newer version." I could not help myself! I was laughing out loud at this comment. Alex and I both got a kick out of it. Gotta love those young un's.

diamond divas

Celebratory hugs!

Makayla running up to say, "Momma! I won my game!"

"Go Divas!"

Our sweet little Diamond Diva! She is trying so hard to learn this softball stuff. These photos are from their second game that ended with their first win. Makayla hit the ball the first time but it was a foul. And she ran her little legs off getting to first base! And her coach explained that she wasn't supposed to run that time. The second time she was up to bat she hit it good! And stayed at home plate holding her bat and looking around while trying to figure out who everyone was yelling"RUN!!" to. The little girl on the other team that got the ball was also looking around in confusion because she wasn't sure if she should walk up to Makayla on home plate and tag her out since she didn't run. It was hysterical. Alex was a little stressed. I was laughing.

And Olivia and Abi were more concerned with not squishing the legs off of a bug they found.
Olivia ended up killing it.
And then the count down began until they could go to the concession stand to get a ring pop.

A family that we go to church with came to watch Makayla's game.
It was so kind of them to come show their support.

Thank you to the Woodruff's.