Sunday, June 10, 2012

Skywalker Crush

The following series of photos requires special attention. The girls were so excited to meet Star Wars characters. I couldn't believe how excited they were. And ,once I saw Mr. Skywalker, I understood why.
We were all so tickled once it was the girls turn to meet him. They walked up, gave him their autograph books, and Olivia latched on for a hug! Everyone was giggling at her and Mr. Skywalker was pretty stunned. I don't think he gets many hugs...from tourists at least.

Disney: Day 1

The girls could not contain themselves once we got to the resort. We stayed at the Polynesian in Disney. They ran all around and were amazed at it all. We went to Magic Kingdom once we brought our luggage up. It was Star Wars Weekend and the girls were pumped! We watched the parade and rode Star Tours. During each ride an "undercover invader" is selected out of those riding and is the reason that craft is under attack, the invader they projected onto the screen during our ride was Olivia! It was too funny.
One of the first things we did was watch actors sing and dance to High School Musical and Camp Rock songs. There were so many opportunities for the girls to be in the spotlight with characters throughout our trip. We experienced numerous magical moments during each day.
The girls wanted to ride the Tower of Terror. I told them how terrifying it was but they insisted. We screamed and clung to our seats throughout the ride. I swear my cross body bag spent 90% of the ride hovering near my head. Once it was over, I looked around to check on the girls and Abi was crying, Olivia had been screaming, and Makayla was stunned to silence. We were walking through the park later and Abi says," momma, I am NOT going to let MY kids ride that ride. At least not until they are teenagers."
We also walked into a dance party with Stitch and Goofy. And watched Beauty and the Beast in an outdoor theater.
So much fun!

That night we stayed for the electric parade and then snuck off for supper and discovered that the wait for rides was nonexistent while everyone else was watching the fireworks. It was awesome! As we walked back through the park, the "Magical Moments" of the day were being projected onto the castle. It was amazing and touching. And that triggered the first touching tears of the trip.

Seeing the Sights

We had a fun (and long) drive to Orlando. We stopped along the way to explore and experience the local businesses. The produce stand in Georgia was a memorable one. We bought some peaches for the trip and Alex had to try the popular road trip snack of peanuts in a soft drink.
We spent lots of time in the car and tried to break up the hours spent driving. Delirium set in a few times as well! More to come from our magical trip!