Saturday, July 20, 2013

It's kind of a big deal (3oh)

That number is kind of a big deal. 
Mr. Hill is friendly with this number now. 
We celebrated a little at the cabin and I struggled to think of something to do for him that would be special. 
We decided to write down 30 memories and attach them to balloons. 
The girls and I were in the middle of blowing up balloons when he called to say he was on his way home. I had to figure out a way to stall and decided to ask him to pick up laundry detergent. 
We barely got it all together but I think we surprised him. 

I hope he had a good birthday and knows how much he means to us. 

PJ 2

IWe got up pretty early to go hike to the water fall before it was too hot. 
Cedar Falls Trail: here we go. 
I am going to be a good friend and show you the amazing views all through out the trail so that you never ever have to climb this trail if you would rather sit it out. 
The water fall was beautiful. It was neat to start hearing the water flowing before we actually saw the falls. 
Hiking back up the mountain was a nightmare to put it nicely. We hit the swimming pool when we got back. 
We took naps in the afternoon. 
Then it was time for lollipops and a silly string fight. 
We had a great dinner at the lodge and looked through the telescope at an upcoming storm. 
A big storm came up. We listened to the thunder and watched the lightning up close. The rain came down and it was gorgeous. I had picked up some state coloring books,crayons, and a petit jean puzzle at the gift shop. We played inside and painted our toes while it stormed. 
We really enjoyed our time at PJ and plan to visit more Arkansas state parks. We highly recommend a visit!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Tia Bethany

I feel the need to announce that I am an Aunt!
My brother and his wife have a sweet little baby girl named Rebecca. 
The hospital was full to the brim with excited family members awaiting her debut. I wanted to document so she could see how anticipated she was!
The new dad coming to tell us all about her. Including what her name was. 
Everyone taking a peek. 
New Daddy and Nana
Crazy cousin Brent and his celebratory cigar. 

We are so excited that you are here , sweet girl, and can't wait to hug on you!
With Love,
Tia Bethany

PJ Day 1

I come to you tonight from Petit Jean State Park. We reserved a cabin for a couple of days and are trying to make the most of it. 
We loaded up (dog friendly cabin, so Daisy Dog is here with us) this morning. We stopped at a scenic point on the way that was absolutely breath taking. Not only because it was a scorcher today, but also due to the amazing view. 
We then headed on to check into our "rustic cabin".  We really like it here! It's so spacious in the great outdoors. And we have our own little spot of privacy to enjoy. We hit the pool and then came back to grill our supper. The kids seemed so relaxed just hanging out in the yard. Did I mention that there are tons of little red signs warning that you can fall off the mountain? We have been keeping a close eye on Olivia. 
This is what we consider the most hazardous spot in the back yard of our cabin. Yikes. 

Grilling hot dogs. 
It don't turn out too bad. 
They all found their own comfortable little retreats. 
Then we all nestled down for a quick nap. 
We headed out to the Bear Cave Trail for a guides tour by one of the park interpreters at dusk. It was a great experience. 
The guide was full of neat facts and interesting stories of how things came to be with these giant slabs of sandstone. 
We had a great first day. We managed to pack a lot of activities in and we have even more to accomplish tomorrow. I can't wait to show you!