Monday, December 1, 2008

Welcome Month of Christmas!

We didn't do anything special today. The girls were just hanging around the house tonight. They were actually running around like wild indians. I was at the kitchen table taking care of some work that needed to be done on the computer, and Livi is like a puppy, she follows me all around the house while I am doing house work and plays right where I am. She was crawling around under her high chair, which seems to be her new favorite place to play.

I have been working on getting Olivia's nap and bedtime schedules adjusted so that we can do more things in the evenings. And so that hopefully she can tolerate evening worship services easier. So I have moved her bed time to 8:00 instead of 7:00. And tonight she was particularly upset in this picture when her sisters tackled her and took a toy away from her. But it was too funny to pass up a photo op.

We put up our Christmas tree Saturday evening. I think Nana beat us though. She got hers up earlier in the day on Saturday, due to the text pic she sent us. The girls loved it by the way. I had so much fun putting up the new decorations that I got last year after Christmas on clearance. It was great fun.
I seem to have misplaced all of the ball ornaments though. Which isn't really a big deal, we have all of the sentimental ones. I thought I might just not replace the ones I lost and let the ones that mean the most to us just pile up year after year until the whole tree is covered in them. With three (hopefully to be four someday) kids, it shouldn't take long.
Alex is back in Virginia. He left yesterday. We took him to the airport. He enjoys it when we take him and pick him up. He likes for us to greet him as soon as he touches down in Little Rock. Gives him even more to look forward to.

I hope all of you out there in blogspot world are doing good. Enjoy this holiday season! Don't stress over buying the perfect gift, and don't worry yourself by spending too much money, just enjoy the atmosphere and special feeling that goes around this time of year. I crave it when it is gone.

Be safe and most importantly:Don't be a Scrooge!

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The Hills said...

I forgot: One of the coccons hatched and we now have a butterfly in one of the houses. It was in Abi's butterfly house and she decided to name it "Mistle Toe". Lol. I think it is because we hung up a mistle toe in the house and I explained to her what the rules are regarding it. So, anyway, there's some Breaking News for you!