Sunday, December 14, 2008

Good Times

Daddy came home Saturday around 11:00. We picked him up at the airport and the girls were dying to see an airplane. One of the ladies that worked there came over and gave the girls some pilot wings pins and airplane tattoos. When handing me a pin for Livi she said," here is one for him. I thought you might want to hold on to it because it has a pin in it." Poor baby girl. Daddy was greeted with squeals and smiles.

We then came home and got ready for supper that night. Our friends from college and childhood were coming over for a great meal and visit. We always have a good time getting together and a couple of our friends had never met the girls before. They all hit it off well and had a good time playing. Brent brought desserts and they were yummy too.

It is nice to all be together again. Hopefully Daddy will be around until the first of the year. We will see, but definitely won't be holding our breath.

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