Friday, December 5, 2008

Here we go again on our own

We are having a girls weekend. We made one of those paper links to put on the christmas tree and each girl had a color. Livi participated and she did so good. She sat patiently and waited for her turn and (with assistance) glued the ends together.
We then busted out some cake mix and made cupcakes. It was nice. We mainly just laid around and watched christmas shows. Livi and I haven't been feeling all that great so we opted to stay in tonight.

Olivia's new favorite toy is a shopping cart that we got Abi and KayKay last Christmas. She puts her baby in , puts in some toys, and takes off. She is also making her new camera face. Everytime she sees that she is having her picture taken, she squints up her face.

And KayKay is just beautiful. And she also missing her daddy a lot.

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Alex said...

Abi looks like a teenager in the pic with the mixer. I'll always wish we knew them when they were younger. Tell her to stop growing up!