Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas at Memaw's (and other exciting events)

As you all know, I am a long winded person(Don't say a word Brent Jacob) and we have had a lot going on lately. So you are about to hear an earfull.

Last Friday, Alex and I took Olivia and Makayla to the Wonder Place. They loved it! And I am pretty sure that Alex enjoyed his first experience there as well. We had the whole place to ourselves for about half an hour because we got there first thing in the morning. But then, about 6 bus loads of kids pull up and take the place over. We still had a great time though. I will try to give descriptions of the photos as I go.

Olivia was playing in the toddler section. She liked going through the little door. It is built like a little house with a fence around it and there are all sorts of things to climb and play on inside the gates.

Makayla likes playing in the miniature version of the River Market and River Market Cafe that they have there. She was bringing me an ice cream cone that I "ordered".

Olivia's favorite thing to do is water play. She would splash in that pool all day if we would let her. She loves getting herself and others wet. There was a mini-tantrum after daddy removed her from the water.

Eventually we ended up in the sand area to play. There is a big table filled with sand and toys for the kids to stand at and play in with shovels and stuff. Olivia was playing well with others until a little boy took her toy. I wasn't about to scold the other child so I happily showed Livi how she could continue to scoop sand with her shovel. She stood there scowling at the other child and refused to grasp the shovel. She was angry and it was nap time. So, the following picture is the conclusion of her play at the sand table.

We went to play at this big peg-board that the have. I wanted to see how good Olivia's fine motor skills were. I showed her how to put the pegs in and take them out and she was really good at it.

Daddy built a tower (with occassional help from the girls). He had a good time building it and then a little boy (from one of those 6 buses) ran over and knocked it to the ground. Olivia was taking snack breaks while KayKay and Daddy were building.

They also have an area set up like a veteranarian clinic. They have the table and stuffed animals all around. I believe thet the doctors were consulting over an x-ray in this shot.

This is what she always tells us."The cow looked at me and said "Hi, Mooookayla" Cracks us up everytime. She loves dressing up.

Abi and Makayla also had their first pedicures on Friday. It was a birthday party for a girl in Abi's class and her mother was kind enough to let makayla come too. They had a great time. I thought Abi might fall asleep in the chair with her feet in the water. Makayla was giggling like crazy. They got to pick what they wanted on their toes. It was fun to see them enjoy it so much, eventhough I was wishing it was me up there getting one.

We went to Newhope on Saturday for our Christmas get-together at Memaw's. We had a lot of family there and it was great. The girls got some wonderful gifts(thank you everybody) and we had an AWESOME time playing MadGab. I'm glad Nana thought to bring it. We love you all and can't wait to get together again!

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