Friday, December 12, 2008

The time has come!

We pick Daddy up from the airport tomorrow!! We are very excited. It seems like forever again since I have posted anything.

I have a few pictures of the girls before we left to take Abi to school. Livi and KayKay just go in their pj's on days that KayKay gets to stay home. They were all looking cute. And tonight Olivia has been playing with tape. I don't know if you can see it in all of the pictures but she had a great time with it.

Olivia has been sick for about two weeks now. She is feeling better but still not 100 percent. She has been talking to her Daddy a lot lately(he hasn't been here so it has been sweet) She will wake up from naps and I will hear her in her bedroom saying "Daaaaddddaaaa". I know she will be so excited to see him tomorrow.
We made Monkey Munch tonight. That's always fun. And I attempted to build a fire in the fire pit that I got Alex for Christmas last year (which has never been used by the way) but I quickly learned that I am useless at building fires. We were gonna roast hot dogs and marshmallows, but we only made it through the hot dogs because I couldn't keep it going. Thanks to "Real Simple" magazine for being such a great fire starter.
Abi had Santa Shop at school today where she got to bring money and buy for whoever she wanted. She bought for me and Alex. Then she went to her room and she wrapped the gifts with Makayla. It is adorable.
We are having a Christmas get together with our college friends tomorrow night. We try to have Christmas dinner every year to keep in touch. It's almost the only time we see eachother every year.

Abi and Makayla constantly practice their tumbles and flips for gymnastics and Olivia witnesses this every day. The last couple of months she has been getting in her turns as well and it is priceless!!

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Alex said...

I usually can't remember to well why I leave, but I never forget why I come back.