Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hey kids, remember when you.....

I just wanted to take a quick minute and jot down a few of the funny things that the girls have said lately.
Olivia was sitting on the counter yesterday eating a grilled cheese while I cooked lunch. I began to look for her sippy cup that she had earlier and Makayla and I couldn't find it. We scoured the house. Finally, I said, "Olivia, do you know where your cup is?" and she shook her head yes. I put her down on the floor and she went straight to the trash can and opened the lid and pointed down in there. And sure enough, there was her pink sippy beside a banana peel that I had her throw away earlier in the morning. I just thought it was cute that she knew exactly what had happened to her cup and she watched me and KayKay search the house for it.
Next is Abigail. Last night we were discussing what she wanted to be when she grew up and she named several jobs that she wanted to have and then began to talk about the things that she would cook and do around her house when she was grown. I asked her how she was going to have time to do all of that with all of her jobs. And she proceeded to explain to me how she would have her "daddy" (which is what she calls a husband) pay all of the bills and do the dishes so that she would have time to do the things that she wanted. And I told her that I wanted her to teach me how she gets him to do that when she grows up, and she keeps telling me over and over that she is gonna teach me how to get "daddy" to do those things around the house. It was cute. I love how she calls her husband "daddy".
And last, but certainly not least is Makayla. This morning as we were leaving the driveway to go to school, I saw our neighbor's mother driving her son, Andrew, to school. and I said, "Look girls, there goes Andrew's momma in that black car." So, we pull out behind them and head to school. We see his mom turn around and go back towards their house and KayKay says, "Look, there goes Andrew and his black momma.", our neighbors are white. I busted a gut.
The kids definitely keep us entertained.

And on a side note, all 5 of Abi's and all 5 of KayKay's butterflies have now hatched and are fluttering around the butterfly houses.
Abi named hers:Mistletoe, Scott, Flitter ( I explained what flitter means in Memaw and Ova's vocabulary, lol), Flap, and Dotty.
And KayKay's are: Swanlake, Lydia, Lily, Christmas, and Woodstock.

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Nanna Nette said...

Too funny!! I'm glad you are keeping a blog. Maybe someday you will make it a book and get rich. Then you can hire someone to do the dishes and all those daddy jobs that Abi is talking about so you can persue your many careers and hobbies! You have a house full of little blessings, as you well know!