Saturday, December 6, 2008

Proud Momma

Abi and Makayla used the money that they had saved up in their piggy banks ( which are actually a monkey bank for KayKay and a rainbow bank for Abi) to buy hats and gloves for people that need them. Abi's school has a tree that they are taking up donations for to decorate with hats, scarves, and gloves to donate to those that need them. One of the best parts of the whole experience is the fact that I had to explain to Makayla several times the the hats, scarves, and gloves were to keep the people warm, not the tree. Ha! She kept saying,"yeah Momma, the gloves and hats will help keep the tree from being cold." It was great.
I let them put their money in their purses and check out individually. We held up the line tremendously, but it was so worth it for the girls to realize that they can help others. Abi began to tell the check out lady why she was buying these items and the lady said "that is precious. Just about makes ya want to cry."
We have been hanging out at home all day pretty much except for running to buy the hats and gloves. We have been tuned in to the Disney channel where it has been Christmas everything all day. I just love it. We had home made chicken noodle soup from the crock pot for supper and it was great too. :o)
I can not wait until all the family get-together coming up soon. We miss everyone and it is the best time of the year.
Tim and Pam, if you get to read this, you are in every prayer that I send up and you are in my thoughts constantly. It thrilled my soul to hear that you got hungry, Tim, and that you chose a good ol' ham and cheese! Can't wait to see you again. We love you!

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Tim & Pam said...

Bethany, I do so enjoy your blog. The girls are growing so fast! Enjoy all this time with them!! Love, Pam