Saturday, April 11, 2009

Underoos and Egg Hunts

Olivia has been in undies a couple of days this week. Big girl! She didn't soil them either. I think she was actually a little excited about the panties.

We got around to dying some easter eggs today. The girls decided to name each color: pink is Rose, Yellow is Mr. Golden Sun, Blue is Cracky (one of them was cracked), Orange is Dinky, and Green is Lucky. We had a good time. Our friends Karen, Sharon, Leslie, Khennedy, and Makala came up from Arkadelphia and hunted eggs with us. The kids had so much fun together!! Olivia could not get enough of hiding and hunting the eggs.

Teddy got in on the action too. He was running around sniffing out the eggs and trying to get them out of baskets. He was lucky enough to get fed a couple of them too. I imagine we will be getting a whiff from the aftermath.

She decided it was time to get the eggs out and count. She counted as high as 2.

We had a really good time and always enjoy being around our great friends from Arkadelphia. We hope to see you all again soon, faithful blog readers!

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