Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Excuse-To-Tell-A-Lie Day

I have concluded that April Fools Day was concocted in order for people to tell lies and not feel guilty about it. Alex taught Abi a few clever things she could pull on people today. We had supper at Sakura and Abi spent the first five minutes telling people false hoods. She told me that my shoe was untied followed by "APRIL FOOLS DAY!". She told Alex his phone was dead and Makayla that her hair was on fire. She was eatin' up her chance to fib.

Olivia and Makayla looked adorable today. Here is proof. I know Abi was a cutie too but I wasn't around in time to get her picture.

I have to give props to my husband. He has been particularly sweet to me these days (not that he isn't usually, but you know men and how thoughtless they can be at times....right?). He helps with the dishes without being asked.He didn't wake me this morning as he was getting ready for work. He got Abi up and ready for school (although I found out at about 8:30 tonight that he fed her a rice krispie treat for breakfast). He let me sleep in and Olivia and Makayla slept in as well. It was nice!

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Christie Dawn said...

Look at thost piggie tails on olivia! too cute! Your girls are adorable! So what's Alex wanting? Usually my hubby's particularly nice to me because he's after somthing...hehe! And at least he remembered to feed her something for breakfast! I remember yelling at Michael because he forgot to feed Haylie breakfast just because he didn't eat!