Sunday, April 12, 2009

Parent of the Year

That is a title full of sarcasm. I let my kids eat easter candy for supper tonight. I did make sure they brushed their teeth immediately following the chocolate bunny and fruit snacks, but the fact remains that the nutritional value was 0%. Oh well! You only live once!

What a messy rainy day! It poured all morning here. But the church service was really good. The topic was how we can believe that we are a "good person" by our standards but if we aren't following the Bible then we are still lost. Moses was an example that was used. How the people in the Old Testament wanted water and God told Moses to speak to the rock and instead Moses hit the rock and took credit for the water flowing. So the people were not allowed to enter the promised land. Very good example of how God is SERIOUS that we are to follow what he tells us to do and if we do not, then we will not receive eternal life. Good lesson!

Alex got a book about Abraham Lincoln from the Easter Bunny.

I have to throw in here that I absolutely love the oreo stix commercial with the little boy and the elephant seeing who can drink their milk the fastest. The elephant loses and angrily knocks the cup of milk over and gets up to leave as the boy shouts "Oh, grow up Brandi!" Cracks me up every time!

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