Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mama, Poo Poo!

We are still on this roller coaster ride called "potty training". Sometimes it is absolutely ridiculous! Olivia used the potty occassionally when she was 18 months old. She always did #1. I think she was interested because her big sisters were always in there using it. I decided that when she turned 2 we were going to give it all we had with the training because she had always acted like she wanted to use the potty. She began doing #2 some and she will usually go every time we set her on the potty but she goes through just as many pull ups as she did diapers. This is very aggravating. She still doesn't communicate enough to tell us BEFORE she needs to go. She can make the sign for potty and verbally say "potty", she just hasn't understood when to tell us.

This week I decided it was time to get the big girl panties out. I put Olivia in underwear for the first time yesterday. I put pullups on her for nap and bed time though. She didn't wet her panties yesterday and she is in them again today. She was eating breakfast this morning and she turned to me and said, " Mama, Poo Poo!" So we RAN to the potty and she poo pooed! I am SO SO SO proud of her. It seems like it has been forever trying to explain to her that she has to tell us before she uses it on herself. Big deal in my life, probably not so much in yours, lol.

Yesterday during one of our many trips to the potty, I discovered water all over the bathroom floor. Initially I thought the girls had splashed water from the bath tub but ,upon investigation, I found that there was a crack in the tank in our toilet. Nasty. I called my dad and he instructed me onwhat to do to take care of it. I shut off the water valve, dipped all the water from the tank, and cleaned up the wet mess in the bathroom. We got some water proof repair glue and hopefully it will be successful.

I have been making cakes again this week. I really do enjoy it. I don't enjoy cleaning up after baking but that's a part of the deal. I made a wedding shower cake and the wedding colors were cream, orange, and brown.

I also would like you to see what our kiddos looked like this time last year.
Easter 2008

She looks so much like Makaylas baby pictures here.

I miss those days...of her being a baby....

My brain has been all over the place, as evidenced by this blog entry. From poop, to cakes, to easter last year. Have a great Easter weekend and savor every moment that you get to have with your family because each one is precious.


Nanna Nette said...

YEA FOR LIVI!! She's getting the hang of it. Give her a hug for Nana. Give KK and Abi one also. They have grown so much.

Amen on the family time! Luv U All!

Christie Dawn said...

Haha! Your title has poo and then it shows a small picture of a cake in my dashboard! How funny!! Yay for livi using the potty!! Hopefully your diapering days will be past you soon!!