Saturday, April 4, 2009

Let's Go Fly A Kite

We are continuing our yard work. I have the most fair complexion ever. I'm not sure where this comes from in my family. The only person that I can think to blame is my Memaw. I'm just kidding Memaw! You, me, and Makayla are the pale ones of the clan. My parents and brother all tan well, but every time I step outside I turn red. I got sun burned pretty good from being outside all day Friday, and yes, I am stubborn and don't put on sun screen most of the time. So it is my own fault. But I had a little bit of a tan going and I didn't want to stall that. But now I am all red, feverish, and in pain. I had to be careful about how much I was out today. I worked in the shade on our ghetto shutters that I told you about. Here are some pictures.

The stain color is called Mahogany Flame. I really like the red tint to it.

There was a nice wind today and we busted out the kites. Abi had a difficult time figuring out how to get her kite off the ground. Makayla was good at it though. They had a good day playing outside too. Olivia was napping while the girls played with kites. Her favorite thing to do is slide and we don't have anything around the swing set to break the girls fall when they come down the slide yet. Olivia's little bottom is red and scratched up from landing on the hard ground. I'll spare her the embarrassment of posting pictures of that.

Can you believe next weekend is Easter? Where is the time going?!
Hope you are all enjoying this weather!

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