Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Feeling of Accomplishment

Another fabulous day in Bauxite! I am loving it! We have been trying to get our yard up to par with our neighbors, Ha!,as you all know from my previous entries. We were on a roll and then the rain and nasty weather set in for a while. And then we have had lots of errands to run during the day. Now, finally, I had a little time to get out there and work some more. Our flower bed has been in a shambles for a while now. Half of it looked alright and the other half had bushes planted but no black weed reducer stuff and no mulch. And all of the cute little dainty flowers I put out last year died before they ever bloomed.

Alex had some points from his work credit card so he cashed them in for some Lowe's gift cards. I got a few plants and picked up the mulch yesterday. Today we have been in the yard a lot playing (kids playing, me working my buttox off, hopefully). I am proud of it! I have to go pick up some more mulch today to cover the end and to cover the old mulch so that it all matches, but here it is!

These are some pictures from yesterday. Olivia was decked out in her Razorback gear. And Makayla just looked sweet as always.

We tried to pose but it just ended up looking uncomfortable. And with all of the junk in the back ground, why even try?


Alex said...

Looks like you got with it today. Looks nice.

Prayers for Ava said...

Looks great! Love the new profile pic too! It's neat how Abbi's & Alex's smiles match, and yours & Olivia's match. A seemless family. Cute!