Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter Excitement

I think I probably get more joy out of putting the girls easter baskets together than they do opening them. I got them out and ready to see what they will look like. They are not complete in this picture but I still think they are cute.

This is a "Pancake Bunny" that I got for Olivia's basket. I love it!

I found a few neat things this year. These are eggs filled with all natural gummie candy. They are made with only natural fruits and juices and are gluten free!

They had edible grass for the baskets too. These are green apple flavored. We will see how that goes over with the kids.

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Christie Dawn said...

that edible grass looks awesome!! my schedule is pretty empty the rest of the week. What do you have in mind? I must warn you that Hunter's teething and is crankier than ever...and well haylie's always just a time bomb waiting to go off! haha