Sunday, April 26, 2009

Showin Some Love for Mother Earth

Olivia experienced her first big screen event on Friday. I checked Abi out of school early (don't tell her teachers) and we went to the matinee for the Disney Earth movie. It is a documentary that follows animal families for a year. There were polar bears, humpback whales(my personal fave), monkeys, elephants, great white sharks, ducks, and lots of supporting cast members. It was a beautiful movie and if you purchased tickets the week of it's release then a tree would be planted for each ticket. I was hoping the girls would learn something about nature and how we have to help our planet. Abi really enjoyed it and was interested in everything that happened. Makayla watched it some of the time. She likes to people watch more. And Olivia....well, she stayed in her seat well. It kept folding up on her because she is so small. She wiggled and played with her feet, talked to me, ate some pop pop, and made animal noises during the movie. I was impressed with how well she did. She could not believe how big that "t.v." was.

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