Monday, March 9, 2009

Zoo Hysteria

We had a great weekend, as I am sure most people did. It was gorgeous and felt amazing outside! We headed to the zoo early Saturday morning. Coleman Dairy was sponsoring a day of free admission.We thought we were being smart by getting there as soon as the zoo opened, but there were already a ton of people there. The line to get in was long, but it moved quickly. We met our friend Dedee and her children there. We had a wonderful time and Dedee's kids are always such a great help with my three. We saw (and smelled) almost every animal there. After the zoo, Dedee had the great idea to go across the street to a little park and have a picnic lunch. It was nice to get to sit down and chow down. We had the best time.

After the zoo, we loaded up and headed to Nana and Poppa's house. They grilled out for supper and it tasted awesome (as ususal). Granny, Pawpaw, and Memaw came over and we had another fantastic weekend of visiting with everyone. We got to meet Seth's friend Irena, who is now a family friend. He doesn't get to keep her all to himself anymore :o) She is from Russia and one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She greeted us all with a hug and an open heart. It felt like we have known her for years. I pray that she has a safe journey home and doesn't forget about us! Come back soon, Irena.

Now to document our day at the zoo.

I can completely relate.

The flippin' line to get into the zoo (we got there as soon as the gates opened at 9:00)

The funniest looking orangutan!

Best Buds

The Dynamic Duo

We spent the next 5 minutes practicing our "flamingo stance"..well, I did anyway.


All aboard the choo choo train

My greatest friend, Dedee and her daughter Sydney

The sheep were so cute

Some of us got tired....I won't name any names.

All of the kiddos

Giraffes are my favorite.


Holly Crutchfield said...

I love the pics! Looks like you guys had fun and the girls look great. We were going to go, but patience is not Noah's strong suit! I miss you too and I look forward to seeing you in the morning! Love the picky of the tired lil girl (I won't name any names either!)

Christie Dawn said...

OMG....the zoo was still a mad house when we got there at like noonish! Thank goodness Michael knows the back way to the zoo because the zoo exit was backed up almost to the exit before it! We still had a good time! Too bad we couldn't make it there to meet up with you! Haylie's not good at getting up early...and boy you don't want to wake her up! Love the new blog look!

Nanna Nette said...

Wow. You got some great pictures! I like the new look for the blog as well.

Poor baby whom we won't name. All I have to say is "Come to Nanna baby girl!" We had a great weekend with you all as well! Luv U Bunches!

Jessica said...

I love your zoo pics, and totally started singing the "Choo Choo Soul" song when I read your train pic caption =) I'm taking Ave for the very first time ever on the 23rd, I can't wait!

Gina said...

Yes- me too! Now I am singing the Disney train Soul song too! Thanks alot! The girls look so happy! Time outs stink don't they- but they work!!