Thursday, March 5, 2009

This One's For You

Word on the street is that there are blog readers out there that occassionally need a break from the hum drum work routine and use that break to take a gander at what is going on with The Hill Clan. So, this one's for you (you know who you are!)

Not too much has been going on with us lately. Olivia got sick almost as soon as we were done with her 2 year well visit. (always happens, doesn't it)So we were back in the doctors office the very next week. She was running over 103 temp, runny nose, coughing, complaining of her mouth hurting. This seems to happen to her about once a month. I usually just let it run its course because by the time I get her an appointment they tell me that there is nothing I can do for her but let it run its course. I finally broke down and took her to the doctor. We waited for like an hour just for the doctor to say, "It just has to run its course." UGH! But she is doing better now, apparently the course has been ran.

This was when she sick and sporting her very PINK outfit.

Abigail was promoted from a Level 1 to a Level 2 this week in gymnastics. She was really excited, but she is so focused that I don't think she will be completely satisfied until she has conquered all that there is to conquer in the gymnastics world. She comes home from school with new information to shower us with every day. She is currently trying to teach Olivia how much a dime is worth. ;o)

Olivia came up to me while I was rushing to get us out the door this afternoon and I wasn't sure what she was telling me (because I was half way paying attention). Until I realized that she had her hair clip in her hand and was saying "bow, bow". I am trying to teach her to tell people her name. When I ask her what her name is, she says, "Abi". She does something new everyday. Her pull up has been staying pretty dry. There are some mornings that she has wet during the night, but she is doing well. I still haven't brought myself to buy panties yet. I think part of me really doesn't want her to quit being a baby.

She had some serious coloring to tend to tonight.

And then there is my darling little Makayla....She had a rough day at school today. She has one particular teacher at her school that she insists on being defiant with. She tells her "No" and doesn't follow her directions (I'm so sorry Ms Nikki). Makayla has a hard time being quiet occassionally also. But besides that, she is getting more beautiful every day and catching on to this whole growing up thing too. She wants so much to be big and go to Kindergarten.

Oh, by the way, last weekend Alex took Abi and KayKay in to see the family and Olivia and I stayed home because she was sick. On Sunday I noticed Miss Merriweather (Abi's beta) nose first in the sea shells at the bottom of her bowl. Usually she does this but will swim around once I tap the bowl. She didn't move this time. I flushed her to her watery grave. I was debating on what and when to tell the girls. Alex said that we should just make a little experiment out of this and see how long it takes the girls to notice. I put the sea shells in the sink (this is all in the girls bathroom, by the way) and forgot about them. The girls came home Sunday, moved the sea shells out of the sink and onto the counter, and NEVER SAID A WORD ABOUT THE FISH! I cleaned the shells and the bowl and put fresh water in it. And to this day, almost a week later, none of them have noticed that poor Miss Merriweather is gone. Go figure.

Makayla picked out a game from the Cracker Barell gift shop and it's lizards with sticky tongues and you pick up these confetti flies with it. The girls were having some fun with that tonight.

A good friend of mine had a birthday this week. This is the ghetto cake I made her.(Hope it at least tasted good, Deeds)

Oh, and one last thing, I love American Idol and am SO excited that Kris Allen from Conway made it to the Top12. You need to watch him if you aren't already! (Alex makes fun of me for being so excited about it, but I can't help myself. I also shed a tear for Anoop Dog tonight when they let him go through)

Alex left again on Monday to go back to Tennesse. He should only be gone two weeks this time. So, Hi Daddy. We love you.

Goodnight from these two cuddle monsters!


Christie Dawn said...

Aww the girls are too cute!! I love crayola magic markers!! Haylie's been working on a tinker bell coloring one this week. You know...Hunter always runs a fever after his routine check ups too...must have something to do with sitting forever in a drs office waiting to be seen. Kinda sucks that you take your healthy kid to the dr for a check up with kids that are sick and they all have to wait in the same spot!...what a sneaky way to keep a business running ;)

Nanna Nette said...

Ms. Anonymous says to tell you "thanks for the blog!" Luv U, Mom!

Anonymous said...

The cake was yummy my kids ate it in 2 days. Your the BEST!!

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