Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I stumbled across a blog through Kelly's Corner. It is about a family with a baby girl named Cora. Cora was 10 months old and her parents took her for a routine visit because she had chronic ear infections. At this visit, her parents found out that Cora had cancer. They immediatly began treatment but 3 weeks after being diagnosed, Cora passed away. This broke my heart. I can not tell you how touched I have been by reading their family blog and I check in every time I can to see how they are doing.
They have started a fund to build a playground in Cora's honor and her mother and grandmother are making items to sell online. The profits go toward the fund. There is a website www.etsy.com that sells home made items from individual venders. Dresses, outfits, bows, burp clothes, everything adorable! I have become an addict looking at what all they have to offer.
You should check it out if you have time. You can go to etsy. com and the shop is named "Cora's". There are also many other venders that are donating a portion or all of their proceeds to the Cora Playground.
Happy Hunting!

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The Harper Family said...

I have been a follower of Cora's blog for a while now. I was just heartbroken when Cora was in the hospital and prayed so hard for her healing. I was devestated when she passed away but I know God is in control. It's amazing how emotionally connected you can become to a blog. I love the cute little dresses in their shop..hope to purchase a couple for Sophie and Taylor's birthday this spring.