Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Time Out for the Toddler

It's legal. Olivia is old enough for time out and that form of discipline was put to use yesterday. I put her in time out and she screamed at me. And I calmly explained to her that her time out didn't start until she quit screaming (Did she really understand that?) I think so. She stopped screaming and sat quietly. She peeked around every couple of seconds to see what everyone else was doing, but she completed her two minutes and then happily rejoined society.
She looked adorable sitting there with her face against the wall. Lol. I had to get a couple of pictures. And now looking at them, she looks pitiful. Hush Nanna!


Prayers for Ava said...

Hi, my name is April & I am sister-in-law to Lori Harper & friend to her sister Alyssa. I found your blog through Alyssa's. I love reading your entries and find them very entertaining & most of the time hilarious! So much so that I'm putting your blog on my list of favorite sites (I found myself always clicking to see what you guys were up to, so...)! Your family is beautiful and seems to be wonderful! What a blessed life you lead! Check out our blog sometime: .
Take care & ttyl.
Aprizil :)

Alissa Kelley said...

Taylor loves that new show on Disney called Olivia. Everytime I watch it, I think of your Olivia. Taylor is not a good time out person. She starts her 3 minutes over and over. It usually equals about 10 minutes before its all said and done. I love how u told ur mom to hush, I would have had to tell my mom the same thing!!

The Harper Family said...

Everytime I try to put Jed in timeout he says "No..You time out!" and if I get a fly swatter and go after him he says "I'm a momma's boy!". I love knowing I'm not the only mom who takes pictures of their kids in trouble! LOL She does look precious with the head full of curls.

Nanna Nette said...

You know you can't keep Nanna quiet!!! POOR BABY GIRL!! COME TO NANNA! Seriously, you are doing a wonderful job. I remember how hard it is to stick to your guns and make them behave.