Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mini Vaca in Memphis

I have been having issues with my blog lately. I am finally able to load pictures. You are in for a family photo explosion!

On Friday the girls and I drove to Memphis after Abi got out of school. Alex had to work and wasn't able to get to Memphis until Saturday. It was a little hectic trying to keep up with the girls and get everything situated at the hotel. Not long after we had gotten into our room, there was a knock on the door. It was room service! Alex had ordered us some trays of food so that I wouldn't have to drag the girls out by myself for supper. After we had eaten a little bit, I took the girls down to the pool and they had a great time. There were about 20 wild kids jumping and screaming in the pool so I kept the girls close. I was afraid a kid would land on one of the girls' heads and push them under water.

Alex arrived Saturday. It had begun to rain so we spent the day shopping. Yay for me! We went to the Oak Court Mall and (for those of you who haven't been) they have cute figurines through out the mall of children playing.I loved seeing all of the different poses: children jumping rope, a little girl playing dress up, leap frog, swinging. They are precious.

Bass Pro Shop

Her favorite place to be in the hotel.

We had lunch at Neely's BBQ. (They have a show on Food Network)

Memphis Zoo on Sunday

Abi said this was Kung Fu Panda's house. They do keep the panda's in there.

Did you know that Abi and Makayla have a twin?

We couldn't pass up this opportunity! I have always called Olivia "Buddha Baby" when her belly gets full and sticks out.

This little girl reminded us of Leslie. She went with me the first time I ever went to the Memphis Zoo. We felt it was her being there in spirit. Love you, Les!

We hit up some local shops before we went to the Museum on Monday. There are lots of adorable boutiques but their prices were insane!
Olivia started feeling puny before we left for the Children's Museum on Monday.

KayKay was ready to go!

Waiting for Daddy to pull the car up for us to load up.

Bye for now! I will post pictures from the Children's Museum in Memphis later.


Christie Dawn said...

too cute!! I have a picture of me when I was nine months pregnant with hunter beside that budha!! I looked almost just like him! haha! Glad you guys had a good time in memphis!! My Family needs a mini vacation!

Nanna Nette said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! You are making so many great memories. I know the kids will always remember the special times you all share.

The Harper Family said...

Now that looks like a fun trip!!!