Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crackin' Me Up

Kids are just priceless. I have become a Food Network Nut. I can't get enough of it: Everyday Italian, Barefoot Contessa, Rachael Ray, Paula Dean. So, I caught some of Paula Dean tonight. She was making "breakfast in bed" foods and the show opened with her and her husband in their pj's laying on the bed. Now, just in case you have never seen Paula D and her man, he has a pot belly, white hair, and a white beard. Olivia was playing on the floor and glanced up at the tv. She turned to me with such seriousness on her face and said," Momma! Ho, Ho, Ho!!!" While pointing to the tv. I cracked up! She thought Paula Dean was shackin' up with Santa. Olivia takes things very seriously too. She was excited to see St Nick again so soon.

All of the girls are doing good. Makayla has been such a sweet heart lately. Randomly saying, " I just love you so much Momma." She has been enjoying working on puzzles a lot this week. Oh, and I learned quickly that I am going to have to edit my music more. She was sitting at the table singing along to "When you see my face I hope it gives you hell" yeah, I guess Momma needs a time out for that one. I immediately turned the radio off and started singing "Jesus Loves Me" with her.

Abi is doing great too. She is teaching us about evaporation, precipitation, and condensation. She practices her gymnastics every day on her tumble mat in the living room floor. She has a friend in her class that is in a higher level of gymnastics than she is and Abi is trying to learn the stunts that her friend does.
She comes home every day talking about a new boy that she "loves" at school. (What am I going to do with a love crazed Kindergartner?) She tells me how she blows kisses and flirts with them. I told her one day that she has to be 30 before she can get married and have kids. She crossed her arms, looked me in the eyes and said, "How old are you, Momma?" I stood there in shock. Eventually I laughed and told her that I was the exception.

Sorry, no pictures tonight. My camera battery is still recuperating from last weekends adventures. I will have some soon.

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May Belle's said...

I will get on making those clippies and yes I got your check =) I love your stationary, it was too cute!

I love the santa story! Ave still loves to talk about him too and was so excited to see him again the other day. We were at a red light and and i heard her giggling and she says "santa's silly" i looked over and there was a large white haired man with a beard in a mustang waving at her =)