Monday, March 16, 2009


Abi finally mentioned Miss Merriweather tonight before she cleaned with mouth wash. She said that she tried to see her but she couldn't and that she thinks Miss Merriweather is playing peek-a-boo with her. I didn't have the heart to tell her....

Makayla has been acting puny today. I couldn't get her to eat much and she almost fell asleep in the car after gymnastics. I had her lay down when we got home before supper and she was asleep by around 6:30. I'm hoping she isn't coming down with something.

Since I haven't been taking many photos lately, I thought a flash back might be fun.
Hope you have a good time looking back on our babies!

Olivia's first birthday 2008

Olivia's second birthday 2009

KayKay, March 2008, in Memphis


Abi and Poppa, Easter 2008

Abi at the Memphis Museum, March 2008

Baby Oliiiivia

I remember that face!

This made my heart melt.

I went to visit my friends Kyla and Kenny this afternoon. They just had a little baby boy named Oliver. I got to hold him and he is the most beautiful baby! So, between holding a sweet new baby boy and looking back at our babies, I am getting antsy to add another to the clan! I know, I know. I am trying to learn patience, and I think that our three have a way of helping to snap me back to reality.

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