Friday, November 21, 2008

That's Amore'

Alex is STILL out of town. We are not sure now when he is coming home. He may miss Thanksgiving with us. We are praying that the situation in Virginia changes and he will be with us for the holiday.

In the mean time, we have been staying busy back at home. One of Olivia's favorite things to do is climb into chairs. She loves this little fold up chair that belongs to her sisters. But I guess anything in this house is community property because they all play with everything. So, here is a picture of her enjoying some cartoons one morning in the chair that she climbed in and out of 50 times.

Abi had her Thanksgiving performance on Thursday night. She did really well. It was hard to see her because there were a ton of kids on the stage. The only picture I got of her was when she came up front to bow when it was over. I was trying to film it and keep an eye on Livi and KayKay.

There are lots of things that the girls like to do to help out in the kitchen when I'm cooking. They have always loved to help or just watch the process. One thing that I typically let them do is make their own pizzas. I get the little crusts that come in a package of 3 and usually let Abi and KayKay make one and I make Livi's. They get to paint the crust with olive oil and then spread the sauce around. Then they sprinkle cheese and onions and put on the pepperoni(half of it doesn't make it on to the pizza). Well, tonight when I was getting all of the ingredients out, it dawns on me that Livi is probably tall enough to see over the island when she stands on the step stool. So, I let her and sure enough, she was a big enough girl. So I let her ,for the first time, sob, make her own pizza for pizza night. It....was...precious....

She is cramming all of the ingredients into her mouth in about half of the pictures that I have. So I tried to just get a picture of the finished product. There is some incriminating evidence on her chin though....

All of the girls had a great time making their own supper.

We really miss you Alex. Try to stay warm and safe.
We are all together in spirit no matter where your travels may take you.

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