Thursday, November 20, 2008

Butterflies Coming Soon

The girls both used to attend therapy at the preschool that they went to due to their previous home life and everything that they have gone through. Their therapist, Holly, got a butterfly house and sent off for caterpillars that you can grow at home. You watch the caterpillars grow big and then they climb on top of the lid of their jar and hand upside down until they make their cocoon. Then you put the lid in the butterfly house until they hatch and are butterflies. Holly used this to signify the girls going from their old life to their new life with us. Then, they released the butterflies. It was a beautiful idea. So Holly got each of the girls one of these kits to do at home for their birthdays. We have been on a caterpillar watch for a couple of weeks now. All of the caterpillars have now made their cocoons and we are about to put them in their butterfly house. The girls are SO excited. They check on them constantly to see if there has been any progress. It has been really neat to watch. I don't know if you can tell in the picture, but the cocoons are in the cups hanging from the top. We had to put them on a high shelf to keep Livi out of them. And the other picture is of the butterfly houses.

Abi also has a Thanksgiving performance tonight at her school. The Pre-K and Kindergarteners are going to sing and dance for the PTA meeting. I am very excited about this because she loves to sing and dance. She has been practicing for two week. She comes home singing, "You put your drumstick in, you take your drumstick out." She has been "Turkey-trotting" as well, and shaking her "tail feathers". Which she thought was hilarious when her teacher told her to sing that because I always tell her to sit on her tail feathers. So, it should be very entertaining. I will be filming it if I can get Olivia to cooperate with me and be still.

With this hat on, she looks like she has Jamaican braids.

Everyone is doing well around here. We are all ready for Thanksgiving and a long school break. Oh, and for Daddy to come home.

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