Monday, November 10, 2008

Madagascar and Mayhem

Alex is still out of town. I went to my cake class on Friday night and left the girls with the sitter. Olivia got the vibe that I was leaving her and was kind of clingy, but when some of the kids mentioned going outside to see the puppies, she quickly got over it and took off. On Saturday, I took Abi and KayKay to see Madagascar on the Imax screen. So Olivia had to go back to the babysitter. She knew immediatley what was taking place. She became fussy and I tried to give her the babydoll that she had brought to play with and she slapped it out of my hand. Lol. It was difficult to leave her(she made it a little easier by acting bratty) but we left for the movie. The girls were excited and enjoyed the music and dancing animals. Abi keeps singing, " I like 'em chunkay, I like 'em Plumpay". That's what the boy hippo, Moto Moto, sings to the girl hippo, Gloria. And yes, the girls thought it was funny that the girl hippo had their Grandma Gloria's name.

After the movie, we went to get Olivia and then headed to Newhope to see the family. We didn't tell anyone that we were coming in. I had decided that it would be nice to have help for church and just to get to see everyone back home. The girls are growing so fast and every visit that we can fit in is precious.

Grammie and Papa came over to my parents Saturday night and Abi and KayKay were showing them how they do their handstands. I had asked the girls to not do anymore after about 10 minutes because they kept getting closer and closer to kicking Olivia in the head. I left the room to heat up Olivia's supper and heard the thud. Then crying. I returned to find Abi crying and holding Grammie. I automatically assumed she was just milking the attention because it wasn't one of those "in pain" kind of cries. It sounded forced. So I told her to let me look at where she hit. And sure enough, she had split her eyelid and it was bleeding and swelling. I felt like the biggest butt ever. Lol. I put ice on it and tried to console her. So, after all of that, this is what remains of her boo boo.

I took some pictures of Livi in the tub tonight. I haven't done that in a long time. Here is a flashback from about a year ago:

And these were taken tonight:

My babies are disappearing right before my eyes.

The girls in their pj's. They wanted to tell Daddy goodnight. We love you and can't wait to hug you again!

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Nanna Nette said...

They are growing up too fast! But are growing in to beautiful young ladies.