Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Abi's First Awards Assembly

Olivia and I went to Abi's Award Assembly for Kindergarten. (She is the third kid from the left, in a black shirt) Abi received an award for "All S's". She was giddy. She sat next to a friend during the assembly and they chatted with eachother and giggled at times. She got to come home early after it was over. We had a busy Tuesday.

After the assembly, we picked up KayKay and headed to gymnastics. The girls did really well. It's amazing how much they improve from week to week.

Makayla is always energetic and giggly during gymnastics.Her coach always gets tickled at her for one reason or another.
Abi is usually very focused and excited. She LOVES gymnastics and is a perfectionist.

Olivia's activities at the gym usually consist of eating, drinking, and getting into trouble with her other toddler friends. And she has the occassional melt down as well.

Alex left for Ohio today. He came home from the office early in order to spend a little bit of time with Livi, KayKay, and I before he headed to the airport this afternoon. We played in the yard. Livi loves the wagon that Papa Truman and Grammie Retta got for them. She drags it all over the yard even though it is three times her size. She got it stuck in the grass and KayKay tried to help her drag it out. It was humorous. We had a great time playing and then had lunch.

We will miss daddy. We will be counting down the days (supposed to be ten) until he comes home.

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Nanna Nette said...

Nanna is so proud of you Abi for getting all S's. I miss and love you all!