Monday, November 10, 2008

Cake & Co

So, this blog entry is going to be all about me. Lol. And fortunately for you, it is not going to be long. I have recently taken up the hobby of cake decorating. I have taken Course I and II at Hobby Lobby in Little Rock. Wilton offers the classes and they are very beneficial.
Brent started the first course with me but he was not able to take the second one due to apparently having better things to do. :o) I , on the other hand, will look for any excuse to get a babysitter and take off by myself. Just kidding, partly.

So far I have made a cake for a joint baby shower. Holly was having a boy, Evan, and Sandra was having a girl, Liv. So that explains the combo of pink and blue. The second baby shower was for Tonya who had a boy, Keegan. His room is decorated in helicopters, fire trucks, police cars, etc. I am going to do a birthday cake in December for a friend as well. I enjoy it, but I am still very much a work in progress.

We have made several cakes in class as well. The basket weave cake with flowers was the final for Course II. So, the girls are currently eating that every night after supper. lol. They LOVE my cake classes, needless to say.

So, I became very adventerous when I first started classes and I designed a name and logo for my future cake business. It will be called Cake & Company (Cake & Co). And the "Company" part will be the brownies, cookies, and candy that will accompany the cake. Lol. I know.I'm a goofball.

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Becky said...

Your cakes are awesome....Great Job! If you are a goofball for liking to decorate cakes then I am one too! I haven't taken any classes yet but I want to one day. I have only made cakes for E's last two birthdays and had so much fun doing it. Strange to say, but focusing on the cake keeps me calm before the birthday and family craziness! I also like making iced sugar cookies. When you open your business I will be a customer!