Monday, January 3, 2011

time with the grands

We spent the night with Alex's parents last night before we left for our trip to New Orleans.  We had a good visit with Grammie and Papaw and here are a few snap shots of them playing.

Now the girls are spending their days with Memaw and their evenings with Grammie and Papaw. I have been worried about the little one! I think I have a more difficult time leaving her than she does me. She has been doing well from what I hear though. I spoke with her while she was at Memaw's this afternoon and she said, "Mommy, where did you go?" And I thought she couldn't hear me on the phone, so I proceeded to tell her I was on the phone with her and she said, "But I want you. I want you here." I quickly changed the subject and moved on so that neither one of us would have a melt down.

And as for Abi and KayKay, they couldn't wait to see us off! They enjoy testing their limits with the grands I think. They aren't quiet as strict as mom and dad. ;)  A good friend of mine told me that the girls will have more fun than Alex and I will while we are gone, and I think she may just be right....

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